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Reviews of Monkey World, Wareham

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Review by Dennis on 25th November, 2010

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I want to correct the review about Rodney the chimpanzee. He did not die of exhaustion and injuries, he died of a heart attack. Here's what happened: Rodney, by then age37, was the alpha male of a group of 18 chimpanzees at Monkey World. He had been the leader of this group since 1998 when he was ousted from Paddy's group by the females. Rodney was a wonderful gentle leader. His second in command was Hananya, by then aged 11. Hananya had enormous respect for Rodney but this slowly began to change. During late 2004 Hananya launched a taker over attack which resulted in Rodney being seriously injured. Some of the other group members probably backed up the younger and fitter Hananya. Rodney's injuries wren't life-threatening but the shock was just too much for him and he suffered a heart attack and passed away. Hananya took charge of the group immidiately even though by then he was inexperienced to lead the group.

Date visited: 25/11/2010

Review by Ray O on 12th October, 2009

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We visit Monkey World quite often (2 or 3 times a year), and whenever we visit there are many disabled visitors, many using mobility scooters provided by the park and some using their own equipment of various types, and I must say that we have only heard compliments about the park, staff, facilities etc. To back this up, if the park was guilty of not providing ease of access for disabled visitors, how come they have recieved awards from organisations such as Guide Dogs For The Blind and have been rated very highly by various groups looking after the interests of the disabled, I am also sure that if anyone had an issue over access, any of the polite and helpful staff would be more than willing to assist

Date visited: 13th Sept 2009

Review by sam on 24th July, 2009

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I agree that powered wheelchairs are better for Monkey world and they do hire them out - however the park is all about the Apes and monkeys - there are places to view them , but regardless of whether you're disabled or abled bodied it's not designed to be comfortable. My partner is a double amputee permanently in a wheelchair and we love going to watch and learn - he enjoys it as much as me. The nursery orangutans are very curious about his lack of legs and spend much of the time looking for them when he's around

Date visited: lots

Review by margaret miles on 5th May, 2009

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took my wheelchair bound mother here as i read it was suitable for disabled. it's not! whoever designed the park should have tried taking a wheelchair around it. all fences around enclosures are the same height as a wheelchair users eye vision so sitting in a wheelchair, you can't see into the enclosures anyway. the glass viewing areas are so small that it impossible to get a wheelchair near to the glass as so many people are in front. the park is not flat so there are quite a few steep inclines to push up and also steep hills to go down. i wouldn't advise any disabled to visit here unless they have motorised wheelchairs but even then, you can't get in to see anything anyway. what monkeys we did see were either in sleeping or outside wrapped in blankets. very disappointed. only good point was the children's outside adventure park but even this is on a hill so i had to leave the mother and wheelchair at the bottom whilst i took my grandaughter to the park. altogether it was a complete waste of money, with food and drinks very expensive(£3.50 for a hot dog and £1.40 for a cup of tea). in future, i will watch it on television.

Date visited: 4th may 2009

Review by Hazel on 8th April, 2009

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My husband and I go down to Monkeyworld at least once a year. It is a relaxing day out and a joy to be in a place that takes such good care of the animals. I don't understand the complaint about cost. I think that for a day out it is quite reasonable. If you have adopted a chimp/orang etc then you get in for free. When compared to other parks, zoos it really is not too bad at all. Our next trip down will probably be next month, looking forward to it.

Date visited: Annually

Review by zoe on 12th November, 2008

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I have visited monkey world 3 times in the past year with my 2 children but find iit very very costly. I live within 3 miles so would love to visit more regularly but it is just far far too expensive.

Date visited: 3/11/08

Review by christine2008 on 26th September, 2008

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just to let everyone know of the parks developments tom the capuchin passed away 2 months ago. 2 baby wooly monkeys have been born this yr and are with their mums 1 golden cheeked gibbon has been born and s with her mum amy the orangutan is due to give birth anyday!! ben and pip are in hananyas group

Date visited: every week

Review by Emmadee on 14th May, 2008

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Monkey World is grate it the best place to go all the monkey are happy. I have adopted 4 apes 3 orangutans Hsiao-ning, dinda and lingga. 1 chimp Rodders. monkey life is grate tv show to wach you get to know all the monkey and ape.

Date visited: 19 august 2006 nad 4 august 2007

Review by Christine C on 13th May, 2008

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I visit monkeyworld every week and its just such a fantastic place!! the animals look so happy and the primate care staff do such a wonderful job rehabilitating them. So terrible that jim died last year.Alison is so brave to carry on. 4 months ago 90 capuchins were rescued and now they are in groups and look so happy and well. I have adopted gordon and rodders.And will be adopting either Charlie or Rodders in june and adopting baby Bart in july. The new monkey life series is fantastic. well done to everyone at monkeyworld for all their hardwork!!!

Date visited: every week

Review by lisa mitchell on 27th June, 2007

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monkey world is such a wonderful place, a sanctuary for monkeys and apes who have been abused and mistreated by humans. Jim and Alison have created a safe haven which allows these fantastic animals to live as they should and not be used as entertainment for us. Each and every animal at the park is given the love and dignity that they deserve. My son adopted Fox, a mullers Gibbon 2 years ago and we visit him and take him presents on a regular basis! I love the fact that monkey world teaches my children that although some people in this world think it is ok to exploit animals, there are also many more people who dont and who devote their lives to putting things right. The world is a sadder place without Jim Cronin but he has left a truely remarkable legacy in Monkey World.

Date visited: several!!

Review by Ann Marie O;ldfield on 12th June, 2007

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I adopted Gamba way back in 1994 and until now have not had the chance to visit Monkey World. I found it a very moving experience and went back a second time with a friend so that she could see it also. The work done there is marvellous and the contentment of the animals shows through in so many ways. I had two wonderful days and all I can say is that if you can't be wild you are more than fortunate to spend your life in Monkey World. Thank you.

Date visited: 4/6 June 2007

Review by angie latif on 9th April, 2007

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We Live in the North east and decided after decade of watching MONKEY BUSINESS to travel the long journey to Dorset we stayed in Rockley village holiday park Nice park. We did lots of the sightseeing ie Stonehenge Durdle door,Cerne abbas giant, but the main reason to go was to visit MW we went on the Tuesday it was such a warm beautiful day so bright and cheerful we entered around 10 36! as early as we could :D and started a long day of visitng each and every enclosure meeting long known friends from Tv like Charlie ( everyone loves Him!) Sally Lulu Rodders and Ash, the Gibbons and Orangs like AIMEE and Gordon Twan and his ladies and Ah mei and her little baby troup the Highlight was seeing Jeremy flitting about busy as ever and meeting Jim and Allison the owners, if i were to have known i would have took more photos of Jim as sadly Jim Passed away after a terrible short attack of Liver cancer, His loss is devastating not only on a personal level for Allison his wife his daughter Elenour his family and friends but to all who knew him from Tv and for all the credulous work he achieved creating Monkey world a haven of rescue peace and rehab for many tortured primates. We as a family are deeply sad but will again visit monkey world and have donated to the Jim Cronin memorial foundation to help carry on and to help support the dream jim started Jim had a passion for life and the conservation of wildlife that was an inspiration to all who knew him. His enthusiasm was infectious and he will be missed by all whose lives he touched. Jimís legacy will continue under the guidance of his devoted wife, Dr Alison Cronin. Monkey World and the numerous projects Jim and Alison set up globally, will continue as a fitting memorial to a man whose life touched so many around the world. Monkey World have set up a fund in memory of Jim to continue his legacy

Date visited: 4 Oct 2006

Review by Kate on 10th February, 2007

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I have not yet been to Monkey World but can not wait to visit this summer as I am an avid fan of the TV programme and cant wait to actually visit and see the primates face to face as I feel like they are aprt of the family!! They certainly look they are cared for and loved and the best is done for them. Jim and Alison have done an amazing job in giving their life up to look after and support these primates. See you in the summer guys!!

Review by jane clarke on 5th June, 2006

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I visited monkey world with my family when on holiday in the area. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The animals are certainly loved and cared for, this was evident throughout my visit. The cleanliness of the primates quarters was very rewarding to see.They are a really happy bunch. My local zoo is whipsnade in bedfordshire and I love the place and visit very regularly. I am always disappointed with the primate enclosures they are cramped and not very clean inside. The primates dont aleays look there best and often look unhappy. Whipsnade could learn a lot from Monkey world, do you get called upon to give advice to other zoos! regards and keep up the excellent work jane clarke

Date visited: 1st june 2006

Review by donna maxwell on 10th April, 2006

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cant wait to come to monkey world to see the hard work that jim and alison have done and i love watching monkey business getting to know most of the monkeys. see u soon

Date visited: 11.8.2006

Review by harry on 16th March, 2006

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monkey world entranced my 4 year old for hours. Its a great little attraction in the middle of nowhere

Review by Angela on 17th February, 2006

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A family day out for all, enjoyed every minute, finally seeing for ourselves those delightful monkeys we`ve watched so much on the t.v.. And to also meet one of the owners was a bonus. A credit to everyone,all the hard work you and your co-workers have done, shows when you see the monkeys playing and enjoying themselves.

Date visited: 15/02/06

Review by zebulebu on 27th December, 2005

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Reference to the earlier post regarding Rodney - sadly, Rodney died last year following a coup attempt by one of the other chimps in his group. Chimpanzee society is extremely complex and, in common with human society can, at times, be brutal. Alpha males in chimpanzee groups face many challenges to their authority in the wild and, it would seem in captivity too. Rodney received many injuries and, despite the best attention and medical care from the Monkey World team he passed away the next evening from injuries and exhaustion. This was obviously a sad event for all concerned - the broadcast following Rodney's death was extremely poignant. Sorry to have to break the news to anyone who hasn't seen the show - but life goes on, and the Monkey World team should be congratulated for all the fantastic work they do for rescued chimps - if anything, Rodney's death, reflecting similar occurences in the wild - only highlights the fantastic job Jim, Alison and all the staff have done in recreating as natural a habitat as is possible in captivity for abused chimps. Monkey World is the best possible example of what can be achieved by people who genuinely care about alleviating the cruelty imposed on primates by man - and is a fantastic day out for the whole family. If you've never been - GO! They need your support finanically and, just as importantly, you will have the time of your life there!

Date visited: 2001, 2002, 2003...

Review by Bethany Allott 13yrs on 7th November, 2005

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its an amazing experiance you could ever wish for the monkeys are very adorable and seem to injoy their fame!!!

Date visited: 29th august

Review by Kelly Powell on 24th August, 2005

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Wonderful day out really enjoyed it. Please continue the good work.

Date visited: 22/08/05

Review by Sally Breach on 7th August, 2005

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We visted Monkey World on 4th August and very much enjoyed our trip. i am a fan of the Monkey Business programme, which prompted our visit, but the programmes i am watching on Animal Planet are very old and when we came to visit i could find no trace of Rodney the Chimp. i know he was old, but please can you tell me what happened to him and when? Regards Sally Breach

Date visited: 4.8.05

Review by Harriett Sykes on 24th April, 2005

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Brilliant anyone will love it theres a big playarea for the kids and for adults who want some fun. over 15 types of monkeys also adopt, ive adopted zoey the gibbon say hello for me love it. coming this year for my birthday. 03/06 By Harriett Sykes Age 11

Date visited: 03/06/02,03 and 04

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