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Reviews of Sam Houston's, Skipton

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Review by Mr L Edwards on 31st March, 2011

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Worst dining experience of my entire life, the place needs shutting down for good.

Date visited: 27/03/2011

Review by P Smith on 30th October, 2010

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Very disappointing and terrible food. Our family of four went expecting good food and lively atmosphere as we have always experienced this on past occasions even though not recently. As it was Saturday evening we thought it would be busy but there were only four tables occupied which says a lot. We had a long wait for our starter and they were ok. Then there was another long wait for the main course which was confusing as there were hardly any other diners in. I ordered vegetable chili and asked for chips rather than rice. When it arrived there was a bowl of lukewarm slop and no chips. I sent it back and asked for it heating and inquired after the chips. They both returned some 5 to 10 minutes later. The chili consisted of a bowl with a few bits of onion, pepper and courgette in a very hot sauce that had no flavour. I tried a few mouthfuls as i was hungry after being made to wait so long for it but it was practically inedible. I also thought it was a rip off when it cost the same as the beef chili and yet contained a small handful of chopped vegetables. My son ordered the chicken burger which was actually chicken strips in a bun and not what he was expecting. The chips that came with three of the meals were very chunky potato wedges but were tasteless. To be fair the fajitas that my daughter had were ok and she ate most of it. The rest of us were unable to finish and left without desert and determined not to return or recommend it to anyone else. As the plates were cleared and it was obvious that I had hardly touched mine, I wasn't asked about it or if there was a problem, but as we left I told the waiter that it had been disgusting and he should tell the chef. He apologised but it was a bit too little too late for me. An expensive evening and we left as unhappy customers - take note Sam Houstons.

Date visited: 30/10/2010

Review by p.tedder on 9th October, 2010

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I would like to take this opportunity to say how poor the food was in your restaurant this evening. cold prawns, sauce was warm the prawns must have been pre cooked and then covered by warm sauce , dry chicken, asked for no saltsa member of party allergic to tomatoes this was covered by chips and cheese, other dish was flakes of cheese not cooked assume only warmed (was taken away but still the same when it was returned). Do think trading standards should be informed and the local councils food inspectors. we received your flyer telling us you where back think you made many mistakes in your choice of staff in the kitchens.

Date visited: 9/10/2010

Review by Carol on 26th January, 2010

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I have been eating at Sam Houston's for about a year now always visiting after a day shopping in Skipton. Both myself and my family have always enjoyed the food but on the 15th January I have to say we were very disapointed. The food was no where near up to its usual standard it was very dry and tasteless I don't know if they have changed their chef but if so for goodness sake please get the old one back. My son and his girlfriend also went on the 20 January 2010 and they too were really disapointed with the food. We won't be going back which is a shame becauseI was planning on organising a work team tea there which would have meant at least 20 people as I have always loved it and talked aboput it to everyone.

Date visited: 15 January 2010

Review by CD Bennett on 11th October, 2009

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Had a fantastic night at Sam Houstons, took all the family last night, we were greeted immediately as we entered the restaurant, the atmosphere was buzzing, it looked as if it was full to brimming, fortunately we had booked a table. The food was hot in taste and temperature! the starters were good, well presented, and of ample portion, as were the main courses. Service was friendly and efficient. The kids loved it, we will definately be back. Usually end up with a large bill when taking them all out, but pleasantly surprised. Compliments to the Chef and Staff.

Date visited: 10/09.09

Review by Brad on 29th September, 2009

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We have visited this establishment twice this month & NEVER eaten on both occasions !!! 1st time we went there as not a sole around to greet us we waited 5 mins & still nothing , there was 1 table of four dining at the time - We just left & went to Napiers for a very warm welcome . 2nd time ( we thought we would give it a 2nd chance ) This time the place had a few diners and staff present at the bar ... waited 5 mins or so to be acknowledged ( whilst the 2 staff talked shop between themselves)to be told we would have to wait 30 - 40 mins for food as no tables were available - the place had about 3 tables with diners on ..... We left again !! After reading the reviews below i doubt very much we will waste any more time visiting Sam Houstons.

Date visited: sept 09

Review by Sandra Sadler on 18th September, 2009

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We definitely won,t be going back. It was very poor and a waste of money. The ribs had hardly any meat on them, and were very tough. The chips were burnt. The chicken Fajitas were dry and not enough chicken in them. Eight of us dined that evening only one enjoyed the food, and that was a burger! We did tell the staff, and they offered us a free coffee!!! We did e-mail Sam Houstons to say how disappointed we were, but didn,t receive a reply.....

Date visited: 8th August 2009

Review by Robert R on 7th August, 2009

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All I can say is well done to the guys at Sam Houstons. You've brought the restaurant back to life, which is exactly what Skipton needed. The food was excellent. We had the burger and it was clearly home made. The atmosphere was great fun. We had a fantastic night. Ribs should be served as a rack - adds to the authenticity of the place. All in all, good quality food at a very good price.

Date visited: 31st July

Review by Nikki Frost on 31st July, 2009

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When we entered the restaurant there was no one behind the bar to greet you and no staff were visible. At this point I would suggest you turn around and walk out! I ordered ribs which were described as being covered in a Texan BBQ sauce, this is not the case and you are provided with a steak knife to try and eat the offering. The meat was undercooked and chewy, everyone knows decent ribs the meat should just melt away from the bone. Main course was little better the tiny 3 fatijas that are provided barely and a vegetable fajita dish made using red pepper, courgette and onion is less than enspiring. The burger option looked little better with 5 under cooked thick chips and a burger that looked like it had come from Cash and Carry. I would suggest you do not waste your money.

Date visited: 30/07/2009

Review by Pickles on 25th July, 2009

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Having read the revue of Tony Dalton I felt I should respond. Sam Houston's is now under new ownership and management as from 24/7/09. We ate there yesterday evening. The place still retains its authentic decor but is now brighter, classier and, importantly, spotlessly clean. The food was superb and good value for money. Service was good even though the restuarant was full and the atmosphere was great. I would advise Mr Dalton to return for a more enjoyable experience.

Date visited: 24/07/09

Review by James on 14th June, 2009

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Having visited Sam Houstons I have to say we wont be going back for some time even though the food is good. What lets this restaurant down is the appalling service. Again as mentioned in a previous review for a Saturday night the restaurant was very quiet, which started the alarm bells ringing. However we were promptly shown to our table and drinks were served quickly. We then had to wait 25 minutes before our order was taken, after we flagged down the waiter. Our starters arrived soon after which weren't bad and soon after our main courses arrived, which to be fair were quite nice, however we were never asked if our food was ok and if we wanted more drinks. We then had to wait about 15 minutes before our table was cleared and then asked for the dessert menu. At first we were told that there was only two choices of desserts and then about 5 minutes later another waitress told us that the freezer has stopped working and they can't serve any desserts. At this point we would've thought that they would've offered us a complimentary coffee or similar but she just walked off, she never asked us if we wanted coffee. It appeared to us that the staff wanted to close the restaurant early to go out for the night even though it was only 9 pm, as their friends were standing at the bar drinking with them. What also appalled us was the fact that the waiters and waitresses were drinking before the restaurant had even closed. All said and done it seems the food is quite good, but is sadly let down by extremely poor service.

Date visited: 13 June 2009

Review by Tony Dalton on 29th March, 2009

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Hadn't been to Sam Houston's for some time so we gave it a try. On entering at around 7:45pm we noticed that the place had been recently painted and a few changes made to the decor. It was quiet for a Saturday night which perhaps should have been the first warning sign. We had reserved a table earlier and were immediately shown to it. After being asked what we would like to drink and the drinks arriving reasonably quickly, the waiting then started. After some time we noticed that hardly anyone was getting served, people were going to the bar to get their own drinks and the two front of house staff were overloaded. The bar was piled up with unwashed glasses. 1st impressions for anyone walking in would not be good. Eventually our order was taken. After half an hour very few tables had still received any food. A large party next to us had received their starters, but spread over what seemed an age. Those who received theirs first had finished before the last of the starters arrived! When our nachos did arrive they were very good, but already by then we had decided we should have gone elsewhere. In fact we were just about to leave when they arrived. I ordered another drink at that point as my empty glass had been sat on the table for some time and nobody had asked if I would like it filling. There were several other tables with empty glasses but none of the staff appeared to be asking if people on those tables wanted further drinks either. I know very little about running a restaurant but I would have thought that drinks were a good income stream with high margins and something to make the most of. Needless to say the drink didn't arrive for an age until another passing waitress asked if I would like a drink. On explaining that one had been ordered some time ago she said it must be on the list and went off to find it. It then arrived quickly. Others were still waiting to be served. The larger party had received their main courses staggered over nearly 10 mins, with incorrect orders and missing sides. Finally my wife's burger arrived. Listed on the menu as coming with chunky fries, coleslaw and salad, it was presented with eight fries, less than a dessert spoonful of coleslaw and a salad comprising a handful of lamb's tongue lettuce leaves and half a cherry tomato. Nothing like the portions that used to be served. My wing and rib combo then arrived, missing the fries and corn cob that should have been served with it. The waitress said the fries were on the way. At this point my wife complained about the portion size so the waitress removed her plate. I started on the ribs and wings. The wings were OK, but the ribs were only luke warm with a small amount of BBQ sauce spread on what were not the most appealing of ribs. Wife's plate was then returned some time later, unchanged, with an explanation that people had said "portion sizes were too big in the past so this was now the standard size". My fries and corn had still not arrived. By then we had had enough. I told the waitress my food was luke warm and we asked for the bill. It was nearly nine o'clock. The service was hopeless. The food (starter aside) was poor. With hindsight I should have asked to speak to the manager but by then we had lost the will to live. I can only assume that the place has changed hands and that the crew who are running it now either have no idea how to run a food establishment, or were badly let down by staff on the night. Either way, we won't be heading back in a hurry. My mother subsequently told me that she thought it had closed down for a period. If this is the case, then perhaps it should have remained so!

Date visited: 28/03/09

Review by Patrick on 28th May, 2008

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Response to Review by Karen Drysdale. Nothing I stated was untrue. IT WAS A SMALL PAPER BOWL! Confused about what constitutes an enchilada? Use wikipedia. WHAT you serve is a burrito, at best. As far as neglecting to mention 3 to four courses, I listed everything we ate and drank. Then, the price was listed. One thing I failed to mention. Sam Houston is a Texan war hero. He fought against Santa Anna to gain Texan independence from MEXICO. How is the place decorated? With everything Mexican you can imagine. Didn't see one Texas flag.

Date visited: 29th April, 2007

Review by Joan Parker on 3rd April, 2008

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A friend of mine recommended trying Sam Houstons with my children during our Easter Weekend break in Skipton. We arrived without a booking but were shown to our table by friendly staff. We must have arrived at the right time, because the place was soon full, but it didn't deter the staff who still managed to find time to ask our 2 children if they wanted to join the "name the bunny" competition! Our chicken and rib combo starter was a hit, the children enjoyed getting stuck in, and then our main courses arrived! Wow! The Big T is huge, but cooked to perfection, the fajitas sizzling, and even though kids eat free all day on a Sunday, the portions for the children's chicken scrunchies were generous. No wonder the restaurant was so busy! Sadly we didn't have room for a dessert. We are hoping to be back in Skipton at October half-term, but will recommend the restaurant to everyone.

Date visited: Easter Weekend

Review by Karen Drysdale on 1st February, 2008

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As the owner of Sam Houstons I was disappointed to read the review by Patrick in April 2007, but particulary in light of some of his comments which are simply not true - as anyone who visits the restaurant could verify. The soft tacos ordered were off our Sunset Menu - but Patrick neglects to mention that the price paid is for 2 or 3 courses. The tacos are served with a small salad and fries. An extra salad would be served in a separate bowl NOT a paper bowl and is generous in size. The description in the menu for Enchiladas state that they are flour tortillas, filled with your choice of filling and baked in the oven. We use flour rather than corn as our customers prefer it. We don't send a side order as the dish consists of 2 enchiladas and are generous enough. All our portions are large, good value and that is reflected in the hundred of customers we serve each week, many of whom visit us weekly or fortnightly. We are sorry Patrick if you didn't enjoy your meal, but had you read the menu you would have realised that our version of enchiladas are not what you like and you may have been more satisfied by choosing a different dish off our extensive menu.

Date visited: January 2008

Review by The Clarkes from Clitheroe on 23rd August, 2007

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Our family decided to visit this restaurant having had it recommended by friends who had been before. Four of us arrived without a booking, at 7.30pm to find the restaurant really busy with a couple of larger parties already eating, but the staff were organised and found us a table after only a 15 minute delay. The service from the staff was fantastic, they were helpful, friendly and enthusiastic, from explaining and recommending the difference in the various mexican beers to the menu. For starters we shared the chicken and rib combo and potato skins - followed by my husband's "bad boy burger", chicken fajitas for our eldest, more ribs off the childrens menu for my 10 year old, and the trio of pinchos for me. The portions are huge, and the food was delicious, it's a lovely atmosphere, all the customers appeared happy and the staff even seemed to enjoy working there! Thank you Sam Houstons - we will be back.

Date visited: 17 august 2007

Review by Patrick on 29th April, 2007

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We had heard good things about Sam Houston's and decided to give it a try. We ordered the ribs appetizer. Both of us thought it was very good. My friend ordered the tacos with a side salad. I ordered the beef enchiladas. My friend was informed that the soft tacos were like the fajitas in a shell. They were very good. When the plate was delivered, it had chips and few pieces of lettuce. She asked about her salad and they said that was it and would she like a house salad. She said yes. It arrived in a small paper bowl. It consisted of mostly onions. But, the dressing was good. My meal came and it was two flour tortillas with a beef chili inside. On the top was a sour cream. OK, I should have known. I have NEVER received an enchilada in England that I ordered. You couldn't imagine the weird things that I have gotten. An enchilada is a corn tortilla dipped in red sauce with beef, chicken, or vegetable filling, topped with more med sauce and cheese. There was no corn tortilla, was no red sauce, and chili should not be anywhere near it. What I got was a chili burrito. I didn't enjoy it, but that was mostly because I wanted an enchilada. Not that. It also came with no sides. Not a lot for 12.95. Then the bill came. The house salad was 8.95. My friend was not happy. Definitely, not a 8.95 salad. We swore never to go back. 38 pounds for what was ordered above along with a shandy and a coke. I've never left such a small tip. And, that was too much. Too bad. The service was actually pretty good. It was the food and prices that were bad.

Date visited: 28 April 2007

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