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Reviews of Chalon Way Car Boot, St Helens

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Review by Val Smith on 13th March, 2016

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I visited the carboot sale today first time after the xmas and was shocked to see not many sellers there and one buyer told me its on the point of closing anyone else herd this ?

Date visited: 13-3016

Review by Steve on 11th March, 2016

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I am a regular visitor of this once great Sunday venue. People especially locals hate any change, They always moan or complain about normal peoples wares on offer. In the past they even sneak behind peoples backs and complain just for the sake of it they even call the Police for no reason what so ever without even confronting the stall holder first. They deserve a poor car boot sale and they only have themselves to blame. The council officers running this market always keep people locked inside the boot sale to set up. This is VERY dangerous and a fire hazard it's a disaster waiting to happen. tHE OFFICIALS are untrained with their big locked iron gates are often unmanned.

Date visited: Every week

Review by Helen Green on 11th January, 2014

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It states clearly on the booking site anyone found smoking will be ask to leave the premises immediately and i have seen smokers with either cigarettes in their mouths or in their hand and this in my eyes is a great fire risk

Date visited: every sunday

Review by john butterworth on 29th December, 2013

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hello, I am sick and tired of people moaning about us smokers, the is nothing wrong with walking round this car boot with a smoke, its all stone inside, and the car fumes are worse than us, they should ban prams getting in the way, why bring a baby , so early to a car boot

Date visited: 22.12.2013

Review by Helen Green on 2nd June, 2013

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I visited the car boot sale today as i always do every Sunday and was so disappointed there was hardly many sellers there on such a nice day. are they charging to much for the tables ? or as people found a better venue to go to.i also notice that sellers are charging to much as i go to other car boot sales and have notice the difference i have also heard people commenting on this seems to me that ST HELEN'S is going of the boil

Date visited: 2/6/2013

Review by LaineyT on 6th March, 2013

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St Helens is picking up again at last. Could be the weather but there seemed to be a lot more sellers. As for parking its ok in the Range carpark. If you want to sell you have to book online at St Helens council thats the only thing really. Carboots have always been about whats the weather going to be like tomorrow??? Dry...ok lets do a carboot lol.

Date visited: 3rd March 2013

Review by LaineyT on 26th January, 2013

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I go every week with my sister and have done for a few years now. Im not a smoker and I cant say Ive noticed anyone selling, smoking. Ok now and again you go past somebody who is smoking but its very rare. Everyone is to busy try to find bargains lol. And as for its a disaster waiting to happen...there is more than enough places to run to and get out of the place.

Date visited: 27/01/2013

Review by MR A GREEN on 23rd January, 2013

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I received a phone call from 'Kevin' the chap who supervises the staff at Chalon Carboot sale re' our concerns about smoking inside the multi-story car park where the carboot sale is held. He assured me that this concern is taken very seriously and that he would be asking the appropriate Council Officers, who can give on the spot fines, to make random visits to the car park. I sincerely hope that this situation can be eradicated. I would hate to see this carboot sale close down for good, as I am a regular visitor.

Date visited: 19th January 2013

Review by Helen Green on 20th January, 2013

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On the fire service's order this car boot site was reduced from 7/8 floors in the car park to 3 floors, because of the risk of fire and inadequate escape facilities. Smoking is forbidden inside the car park for obvious reasons i.e. inflammable material (Clothes etc) However, lots of people sellers and buyers are ignoring the ban and endangering the public. The council attendants on site are turning a 'blind eye' to this problem and in my opinion it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Date visited: every sunday

Review by LaineyT on 31st August, 2012

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I agree with everything Angela says. The carboot was brilliant Ive been going for about 3 years to it. Then there was the story it was closing down..then it was opening up but on a smaller scale...then you could only have a pitch if you booked it online...The best excuse was it was to stop pickpockets. Its such a shame the way its gone.

Review by angela on 15th August, 2012

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It;s such a shame that its alot smaller than it used to be "because of health and saftey reasons they have had to reduce the amounts of selling pitches they can have booked apparently because the fire brigade said it was a health and saftey issue as there were to many stalls "this is the rumour we have heard my question is this bootsale has been running for over 20years in the same place and all of a sudden it is only an issue now ??, such a shame was a fantastic bootsale, not to bad if the weather is dry you do get more stalls outside which makes it a little bigger to walk round .

Date visited: every week

Review by LaineyT on 13th February, 2012

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Went to St Helens yesterday. Its such a shame about this car boot. Its getting less and less each week. I dont know if the new idea of having to book a pitch ONLINE is such a good thing. If you havent booked do you get turned away?? The big coffee/tea van has also gone. The whole point of a carboot is to decide the night before and load the car up and just turn up. Now you have to book online this is going to kill St Helens. From now on I will be going to the other one in Warrington. That was a bit quiet after xmas and new year but is now starting to pick up. Ive been going to St Helens for a couple of years now every Sunday it was brilliant in its hey day.A real shame.

Date visited: 12.02.2012

Review by LaineyT on 13th November, 2011

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Went today to St Helens what on earth is happening? Ive not been for 2 weeks but what a shock I got first Tescos was totally shut down. Then the car boot was just on 2 floors. Outside and on the ground floor then up the ramps to the next floor and that was it. What is happening are they trying to close the carboot down now that Tescos arent there?? Its looking more and more like its being run into the ground.

Date visited: 11.11.11

Review by Frank on 19th October, 2011

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Went to the re-opened St Helens boot sale at multi storey on Sunday - Space vastly reduced to only 3 levels plus outside - hardly worth the bother - this is now finished as a serious venue - where else is there to go indoors on a dark winters morning ??

Date visited: 16th October 2011

Review by Elizabeth on 18th October, 2011

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It's fantastic to hear that St. Helens car boot sales will re-open again. Please can St. Helens council post this on their website in order to broadcast the news.

Review by LaineyT on 18th October, 2011

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Yes its re opened I really thought it was going to be closed for good. Wished Id seen this message last week. Went to Warrington instead. Warringtons in the open and it had been raining so was like a mud bath lol.Will definatly be at St Helens this Sunday.

Review by carol on 17th October, 2011

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What a fiasco at the start of the re-opened boot sale. I have been going there for years but I wont go again. Talk about health and safety , the sellers have been cut down to 1 bay, you havent enough room to display your items, cant get stuff out your back seats, and buyers cant get to see all that people are selling because things are so close together. i think they have made things worse not better.

Date visited: 16-10-2011

Review by ang on 14th October, 2011

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just to let you all know st helens boot sale chalon way RE-OPENS 16th october 2011 after being closed for the last 4 weeks HOORAY its back...........

Date visited: 16 october 2011

Review by susan moss on 21st September, 2011

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I prefare st helens carboot ,its been closed on 18th september and have just rung ,to see when its opening ,the nice gentleman i spoke to was brian ,he said watch st helens free papers or keep ringing each week , could you email me when its back on as we dont get the free newspapers thank you

Date visited: 11 09 2011

Review by degsy on 21st September, 2011

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You feel sorry for me too i was there before ya ha ha runcorn was ok that will take off trust me if st helens closes buyers need that car boot open but will most of them travel. council boys do a gud job at chalon hope they can resolve it alot of money is gonna b lost here all them 13 pounds!! come on mr big boss make a decision please

Date visited: 18 september

Review by sharon dean on 18th September, 2011

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Just been sent home after all the rigmorol of filling car, making flask, no sleep, sat there for just over an hour till 3.45am, to be told that the boot sale was cancelled. No reason whatsoever?? And that it may be the same case next week, what is going on>?? Do i risk going to the shopping city and not making a penny? or go back to bed? I feel sorry for the people who got there at midnight (not) haha!!!

Date visited: 18th september

Review by Lyndsey on 18th July, 2011

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Arrived at the carpark to que up at 03:50 and was the 18th one there, cars were not allowed in to set up until bang on 06:00, managed to get a spot on the ground floor which was the best. Cars were allowed to que for hours and they obviously were not going to fit in as they only allow 200, which I thought was disgusting, it wouldn't have been too much to count 200 and send the rest home to get back in bed. Payed 10:00 for my pitch which is the same as being on the higher floors or outside in the rain, which many were. Found it quite funny at how many customers were there for 06:00 waiting for the gates to br opened at 07:00 and when they finally were allowed in they ALL ran in screaming excitedly, wish i had video'd it. Next time I do a boot sale, I will wait for a nice day and go to warringtons outside one by B&Q as I was mainly selling children's clothes, toys and teddys and at St Helens the customers are mainly foreigners who won't pay more than 50p for anything. At Warrington its British families who aren't cheap and nasty. Nutty wagon arrived about 5:30 ( didn't but anything so can't comment, but apparently it wasn't that nice ), toilets were disgusting and weren't unlocked until 07:30 and none of the toilet doors in the ladies would lock either. Was packing up at 11:15 as that was about the end of the customers.

Date visited: 17/07/2011

Review by unkonwn on 3rd April, 2011

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fantastic.........made loads today best ever...keep up the good work lads :-)

Date visited: 04/04/11

Review by Car Boot Seller on 30th March, 2011

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Major concerns at st helens carboot no parking on tescos now so the council need to make buyers aware that both multi storey car parks are free to park opposite. This means NO CUSTOMERS the past 3 weeks has seen a drop in sales an sellers wondering where people are. Also where are the signs how do u know if this car boot is on or not on a good day it is thriving these signs are locked up somewhere and need to b put out at 3 in the morning like they used too. These issues are gonna b addressed to the council right now!!!!!!!!

Date visited: 27th march 2011

Review by vicki on 13th March, 2011

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what a load of rubbish, been sittin in a queue for an hour to be told we have to set up in the pouring down rain! i wouldnt mind but two of the levels in the multi storey qere completely empty!

Date visited: 13/03/2001

Review by karen saunders on 6th March, 2011

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well what can i say i visited st helens boot sale to day was cueing when i was approached by a woman who was vulgar and started shouting abuse at me i was shocked she threatend me and at this point i shouted over security but no one wanted to know this person knows who she is and sells at the boot sale every week whilst buyers have to cue and follow the rules of st helens boot sale sellers are paying a sellers fee which allows them to sell but this is being abused and some are buying the bargains up before the boot sale opens at 6.30am i am very disapointed in this set up it is unfair and the security is not good either i thought this woman was going to atack me i do not recomend this sale at all

Date visited: 06/03/11

Review by Lainey Todd on 31st January, 2011

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Been going to St Helens car boot for about 2 years. Its always been brilliant loads of bargains loads of people buyers and sellers.Since the beginning of 2011 its seems to be grinding to a halt. What has happened to it?. At one time there were queues to get in, and you had to be there about 4.30am to get a good spot in the carpark. Even before the gates opened to let the buyers in it was crowded and if you wasnt quick enough you was killed in the rush lol. But thats seems to have gone now what has happened??

Date visited: 30th Jan 2011

Review by confused on 3rd January, 2010

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I do a lot of boot sales but refuse to sell at St Helens due to the fact it is too full of 50p merchants who refuse to pay more then 50p for anything.It does however mean though that when i buy there and am willing to pay decent prices for things i can leave with bagfulls of stuff because other people are too tight fisted to put their hands in their pockets..I prefer Warrington.It's outdoors but the atmosphere is better and the security blokes are much friendlier, and you can almost guarantee you will get a price close to what you are asking instead of selling something for ten pound then being offered 50p all the time. PS. Just been down to St helens boot and it was shut.Any idera when it's open again? Had to reverse back down the car park ramp at chalon way multi because the gates were locked. That was an experience :0)

Date visited: 3/10/10

Review by LaineyTodd on 30th December, 2009

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Ive done a few carboots at St Helens and also try to get there most Sundays to see what bargains I can pick up.My sister travels from Manchester every Sunday to go to St Helens. Ive noticed the security have stopped letting buyers in before 7.30am by that time most of the lower levels are full and by the time you get to the higher levels most of the booters have set up. The best thing about St Helens is its indoors so to speak so even if its pouring down it still on. Personally I think its a very good carboot and the security are only doing their jobs. Ive never had a problem getting in when doing a carboot never had anyone push infront of me.Does anyone know when the next one is on there??? Will it be the first Sunday after New Year??

Date visited: 13th December 2009

Review by john bensons on 18th December, 2009

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This a a carry on from my last review after making some enquiries from regular people who attend this car boot it came to my notice that by allowing people to park on the bottom levels first they are endangering peoples lives by having cars setting up as other cars go to the higher level, Without a doupt someone is going to be killed or injured with this practice.Making further enquiries with health and safty they are not allowed to do this as it could be classed as very dangerous Please check but the correct procedure should be to fill the upper car places first.Dont want some poor child being killed do we ? This will be monitored in the coming season and hopefully advice will have been taken if not then i believe the health and safty have the power to shut this venue down.

Date visited: 13 /12/2009

Review by john bensons on 14th December, 2009

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I have no idea who is in authority at St Helens but whoever it is wont be in power again ,the carboot at st helens holds 200 cars at any one time if the weather is very bad then you can expect 400 people turning up all sat in their cars believing that they may get on, the ignorant orange coated so called security with not one pea in their so called little brain could count 200 cars and then have the decency to let people in the Q know that they wont get on so as to give these people the chance to find somewhere else.But no you just get a big fat ignorant so called security gaurd m/f saying we are full in the most ignorant way.If you are desperate give it a go the sellers are great If a fat security gaurd falls off the top story please let us all know then we can celebrate THE LOSS OF NOTHING.

Date visited: 13 december 2009

Review by stewart melling on 7th December, 2009

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The car boot is massive to get on you need to arrive at in the morning one big fault is with the so called security .We arrived at 5.30 am waited until 7.30am and as we got to the entrance were told in a brash uncaring way by the so called security they were full.Behind us must have been over 100 cars hoping to get on.. I am not the most intelligent einstein in the world but there are so many bays on the car park would it not have been possible for someone with half a brain at 6 am to count the number of bays available and let the carbooter Q ing that there would be no room for them? Not rocket science to the ignorant f/m security person PHUUT ?

Date visited: 13/12/2009

Review by sandra on 11th April, 2009

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Great Car Boot but hopeless to get parked near to. Pity Tesco wont let the Car Booters park in their car park. From what I see when you were able to park there a lot of carbooters went into Tescos to have breakfast and do some shopping.The Guy on the Barrier that is put up lets some in ,is there a secret password??

Date visited: 5th april 2009

Review by Susie on 10th January, 2009

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Look forward to Car Booting tomorrow after the Xmas/ New Year Break.Its a good car boot apart from some of the Parking Staff who seem to take their short lived authority to the extreme.Seriously they are a good bunch. Pity Tesco wont let us into their Car park,its hard to get enear the Car Boot now.

Date visited: all year

Review by Lisa Mayer on 23rd November, 2008

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The queue to get in was horrendous! Got there for 5am only to not get into the multi-storey but on the outdoor car park - in the torrential rain! Talking of the queue, it nearly come to fisticuffs with cheeky gets barging in, got very heated at times and despite the majority of us telling the staff who the queue jumpers were they were let in regardless - I will ram them next time - I'm not joking. I don't queue for 2 and a half hours for some muppet to drive straight in. Charged £13 - same price as those in the dry - outrageous! Questioned it with staff "just the rules luv". On a positive it was a really friendly atmosphere and lots of fun. People want owt for nowt but it's a good crack. Oh by the way, the die hards start queueing at 2am - its not that good!! Good burger bar and toilet facilities. Good luck!!

Date visited: 23/11/08

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