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Reviews of Belmont Country Carvery, Sutton

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Review by Marcus on 6th March, 2012

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I Visited the belmont last week for a meal with my wife, after reading these reviews I expected an awful experience. But I got far from that, the food was quick and tasted good. The waitress was fabulous, very friendly young girl. My wife being a vegetarian is a very fussy eater but she ordered the root veg and ale pie and ate every bit, and that says alot for my wife! I must say much improvement from my last visit which must have been at least 3 years ago. Will deffinatly be going back and would recommend any day!

Review by R. Lautenbach on 23rd October, 2011

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Decided to give the Belmont a try last night, never again!!! The chef did'nt have the curteousy to take his IPod earphones out of his ears while serving us, the pathetic slithers of meat given were almost see-through they were so thin and only a single piece of each type is given. I asked the chef for an additional slice for our young daughter and was told "no, wont be doing that, you are portioned return to your table." We ordered dessert only to receive a dinner plate filled with liquid cream and a piece of chocolate fudge pudding floating around as if adrift. What a disgusting experience, food was terrible, vegetables dry and over cooked - never again will we return to the Belmont.

Date visited: 23rd October 2011

Review by John Anthony Maheady on 16th October, 2010

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On our visit to the Belmont on wednesday for my gran daughters 7 birthday,we found the place very welcoming and friendly.The waitress who looked after us was fantastic and served us well.The food was first class and presented well,We all enjoyed our food (makes a change for my lot of fussy eaters).There was 8 of us who all left feeling satisfied and will definitely be back.The pub was recommended to me by former diners,to them I say thanks for the recommend. John Maheady

Date visited: 14/10/2010

Review by rob Thompson on 1st October, 2010

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I have been to this carvery in the past the first time me and my friends went was in august 2009 and it was not a good time the food was average the service not much better but i was told there was a new manager there so we gave it another change and i do have to say it has improved so much yes they could do with more staff some times when they are really busy that does not change the quality of the food and drink they have to offer we had another great meal there tonight and the carvery has been reduced to £4.99 what a great result for the same quality meal that we was paying £7.99 a month ago the staff and managers work hard to try and please and as we work for the nhs we understand the pressure they must be in with all the cut backs on staffing but we will be back again next week for a great meal in a nice relaxed enviroment.

Date visited: 30/9/2010

Review by Nick on 3rd May, 2010

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After being to the Cinema, we thought we would round of a great Sunday by treating ourselves to a roast dinner at the Belmont. Big mistake....... Remaining vegetables were overcooked, however did bring fresh ones out, meat was fatty, and food luke warm. No taste to the food what so ever. We were huddled together with the seating arrangments and may as well all been put on one table, could easily overhear others conversations and if one needed to get up for what ever reason one would have to squeeze passed other diners. Never Never will we be eating at the Belmont AGAIN.

Date visited: 02.05.2010

Review by jay jay on 6th February, 2010

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I went here last night with my kids, for teh first and last time, never in my life have i been served with such rudeness the wrong drinks were brought (after having to find waitress to chase) and was told thats all we got sorry about that! no yorkshires for the kids, were told well cant please everyone. Absolutly appauling, would avoid , and will not ever return.

Date visited: 05.02.2010

Review by val on 22nd January, 2010

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Date visited: 22.1.2010

Review by c g beard on 1st December, 2009

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Myself and my wife and two family members visited the resturant on 1st of december 2009 we where pleased at the changes you have made.the staff were very pleasant and polite.the meal was excelant.the only thing missing for my part was colliflour cheese. we shall be coming to see again soon.

Date visited: 1st december 2009

Review by Tracy on 1st July, 2009

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I must congrate the new manager and new chef, they have both turned the Belmont into a lovely pub. The new Manager is so friendly and made me and my boyfriend really welcomed. We have now eaten in the Restuarant twice since the new Manager and Chef and both times the meal has been fantastic, there is plenty of choice on the meal and the staff was really friend, especially the male waiter we had. I would highly recommend the food and can't wait to dine there again soon. Many thanks

Date visited: 27th June 2009

Review by kim on 16th March, 2009

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im shocked at the reviews as have been many times now and eat out a lot. I take my eldery nan in the day and family on sundays and eves. i have never been disappointed with the carvery or the menu and the venue for a pub is lovely. yes they should have more staff but every pub/eatery is making cut backs on this at the moment. im booking for mothers day so will do a review after that if there is a change in my thoughts. This is a nice local and resonable place to eat and drink out and i always enjoy the visit. kim.

Date visited: 1.3.09

Review by west on 10th March, 2009

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Shame we didnt read the reviews before going to belmont carvery. We arrived at 8pm and there were only 2 choices of dried up meat, veg were either overcooked or virtually raw. The service was very poor, they could only supply one choice of vegetarian meal. True the manager reduced the bill but we would never go back there it was a total waste of money. I am not surprised the place was so empty and would be surprised if it is still open at Christmas.

Date visited: 9 march 2009

Review by Mrs Coghlan on 10th March, 2009

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My self and some riend`s go out for a meal about once every four week`s and never have a coplant but last night we went to the Belmont. NEVER AGAIN. One of our party had there second coice from the main menue the rest had the carvery, the veg. was dry so came back to the table and said we were not going to eat there by this time one of the party had her meal.The out come was that fresh veg was heated but under cooked by the time this was done 1hr aprox. afther our complaint one of us had eaten so sat there while the other`s ate.not my idea of a good night out or of good service. I WILL NOT BE RECOMENDING THAT PLACE TO ANYONE I KNOW THAT FOR SURE.

Date visited: 09/03/09

Review by k.Ross on 23rd December, 2008

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Very poor..had no lunch menu available other than the carvery and my friend and I were very disapointed.The staff didnt seem bothered and when my friend asked for house white wine they said they didnt have any!! but had something similar(it tasted awful!) I will not be going to the Belmont again if I can avoid it.The staff seem so unfriendly and really have no idea of the meaning of customer service. The decour is quite nice but the management really need to up their game with improving their staffs attitudes and the overall Belmont experience.

Date visited: 22.Dec 2008

Review by Sandie Meacher on 19th August, 2008

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Hadn't been to the Belmont for a few months, but was really looking forward to having a roast cooked for me on my birthday. The last time we were there the food was just lovely, nice tender beef, lovely crispy roasties, carrots were nicely roasted and the leak and onion sauce was to die for. This time, well, how disappointed was I. We thought it was strange that at 6.30 in the evening there was no queue. After collecting and eating our carvery, we knew why there was no longer a queue. The beef was mostly fat and a couple of times I had to use the serviette to eject the piece of meat that I had given up on chewing. The roast potatoes were soggy, as were the carrots and the leak and onion sauce was disgusting, neither vegetable was cooked and the sauce was very runny and tasteless. What a shame. It will be a while till we go there again. The good value good food reputation has certainly gone in my opinion. The only good thing was that the rather large miserable waitress that had been there on a few occasions seemed to have left.

Date visited: 17th August 2008

Review by V on 23rd June, 2008

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If you happen to be driving along Brighton Road in Sutton in search of a place to eat and the Belmont Carvery catches your attention because of the enticing outdoor seating area and free parking - keep driving unless you plan to have a drink. A group of us went there on Sunday afternoon at around 2.30 pm when the place was not heaving. The seating arrangement in itself should have put us off. Only Carvery food can be taken into the outdoor seating area, anything else from the food menu means indoor seating. The table we were seated at was not squeaky clean. Our waitress,Katie, seemed to be more suited to army work with her rather aggressive approach to us. When asked what beers were available, she simply shouted Becks and then repeated herself even louder that had I been the 2 lads with us, I would have made a "I surrender sign! The menu had an index sign next to the smoked haddock but there was nowhere on the menu to indicate what the index sign meant. I enquired and the answer was "I dunno" quite a few times before Katie said to us quite categorically that it would bug her if she didn't find out. She did - it indicate bones! Our food order was: Fish and Chips, 1 Carvery, 1 Club Sandwich, Smoked haddock in Mornay sauce accompanied with spinach and mash potatoes (my mash potatoes. All of us left at least half of the food we ordered. My Mornay sauce tasted suspiciously of creme fraiche mixed with double cream (no cheesy taste whatsoever), my mash potatoes did not turn up and this too I to wander around to find Katie to request this(no other waitresses in sight. My smoked Haddock did not taste so smoked. It tasted exactly like frozen fish that had been heavily salted, wrapped in foil and left to bake. The club sandwich had dead lettuce for salad and chunks of meat from the carvery - no sauce (mayonnaise and ketchup were requested, thankfully mayonnaise did arrive with delayed mash potatoes). The parsnips and roast potatoes that came with the carvery were soft! Fish and Chips and Meat from Carvery were the only unbotched part of the 4 meals. As Katie approached us for "Any dessert", three of us cried "No thanks" in unison. I think she realised and the bill arrived rather quickly. It was interesting to note that although two of the three waitresses looked harrassed, they found time to discuss rather loudly how they wish they "Had a body like hers" about another customer. That was nice, at least they compliment their customers... I smiled as we drove off amused that no wonder this establishment reimbursed car parking from Mon to Sat and was free on Sundays! It needed to do something to reel you in! We were supposed to go for a drive after our meal but our trip was cut short as it turned out that either the fish or the Mornay sauce was having the same effect that prunes have on most! Please avoid this place if you value your taste buds.

Date visited: 22 June 2008

Review by pap on 30th March, 2008

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I can safely report that the low standard reported above is still active at the Belmont. On arrival we ordered drinks at the bar including a glass of wine, the barmaid broke the cork in the bottle and I had to finish opening it for her! Into the restaurant we went and a quick look at the carvery showed a decimated turkey carcass a roll of pork and and a piece of beef that would just about make one sandwich, yorkshire puddings left under the heat lights so long that they had turned black, I avoided looking at the vegetables. All obviously left over from a lunch time service, but it was now 5pm. Undaunted and hungry we ordered 2 steaks from the fresh cooked menu, these took 45 minutes to arrive and were stone cold, the pepper sauce was congealed around the top and that to was cold. We complained, and the Chef? came out to apologise by saying they had a problem in the kitchen!! Needless to say we left without paying and with the sound of the waitress shouting to the bar staff to make sure we had paid for our drinks!Never ever again............ As a ps. we went to Superfish in Cheam village where the service and food were outstanding and of the highest quality.

Date visited: 29/03/2008

Review by Sarah Fisher on 25th January, 2008

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Since the refurbishment in April last year, I have been there a few times to dine, like any carvery, to go on a Sunday is hectic and you can expect to wait upto an hour for a table in the restaurant, however they have plenty of seating at the bar and in the conservatory, so if you can grab one there, order at the bar. There is a large garden for better weather with lots of seating and a few things for the kids to play on. The food generally is good, I have tried the carvery and meals from the main menu, sometimes it is not that brilliant but otherdays it has been wonderful, some of the staff seem to be in a rush and not have much time to pay attention to you, but there are a few that do take the time to ensure that your visit is a pleasant one, which makes it much nicer to know that someone is actually bothering about the customers. Its not a posh place so as a pub grub venue, it is what you expect from any establishment of the same status.

Date visited: 20 January 2008

Review by rcb on 26th September, 2007

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Best advise - walk into town for a pint and bring it back. Service is non existant.

Date visited: 10/6/2007

Review by Mike Bird on 13th May, 2007

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Having been an regular visitor to "The Belmont" over the past ten years, my partner and I decided to give it a try after its much vaunted refurbishment. A poor start, with the staff explaining to already exasperated (one family having waited an hour already) that the majority of the meat would be 45 minutes more due to "kitchen problems". Luckily the beef was just arriving so we sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. Despite the actual dining area being reduced to accomodate a larger food service area, they only had two waitresses who seemed to prefer to go out into the kitchen area for minutes at a time. The old style location would have offered a bread roll, that simple courtesey seems to have vanished. So has the salad bar. We opted to go straight to the main course. As a vegetarian I was eager to see what was being offered. NOTHING! Unless you want pasta, it seems that the menu has been stripped of anything apart from a carvery-vegetable selection. Don't expect to pay any less. The beef joint was (according to my partner) nice, but the carvery staff are now in charge of handing out the sausage/stuffing/yorkshire-pudding and are being stingy unless you make a fuss. The vegetable chef seems to have an excess of parsley to hand as its been thrown into both the roast and boiled potatoes to excess. Not that I'd describe the roast potatoes as roasted .. more like boiled and shoved in an oven for 15 minutes, hardly crunchy at all. Oh and the vegetables are not really being kept hot under the serving lamps .. more like lukewarm. Despite us taking some 10 minutes be served at the carvery and then a few more for getting along the vegetable section, we arrived back to find a total absence of ordered drinks. A full 5 minutes later and with a lack of available staff I had to go an order from the bar. Needless to say my pre-ordered drinks arrived in the absence. Staff that are not interested, a manager who seems to spend more time apologising to customers than actually managing the location. Will I go again? Once more mid-week to give it a chance. If you're after an EXCELLENT Sunday dinner to impress, I'd phone ahead and make sure they've got the kitchen working properly.

Date visited: 13 May 07

Review by Carolyn Mitchell on 10th April, 2007

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Having just refurbished the Belmont to a very high standard, my husband and I paid the Belmont a visit after not going in there for over 4 years. Unfortunately, even though the food was very good, I'm sorry to say that the service, yet again is very slow. We had to wait 30 minutes for our desserts to arrive, and even then only one arrived as the custard had to be heated up for the other sweet. It will probably be another 4 years before we go in there again.....

Date visited: 10/4/2007

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