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Reviews of Deerplay Inn,

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Review by daveb on 9th October, 2011

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been in the new deerplay quit a few times now and cant fault it the new landlady is a treat who makes you feel welcome from the minute you walk in, and yes they will cater for different groups walkers, horse riders, cyclists and even bikers with leathers on, give the place a visit i promise your first wont be your last

Date visited: 4 august 2011

Review by alyson millington on 2nd August, 2011

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well fianally got in -had a lovley steak and ale pie shredded cabbage and homemade chunky chips -plenty on the plate also real ale lovely will be returning -nicely decorated friendly place

Date visited: 30th july 11

Review by a millington on 15th July, 2011

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well glad some ones been in we ve been on 3 occasions on 3 different nights at 6pm then tryed 7 pm then to night at 8 pm -door closed lights off no one in sight never gunna get customers if never open-- should av left it closed never mind managed a nice meal at hargreaves arms -and guss what IT WAS OPEN!!!

Date visited: 13-14-15thjuly 2011

Review by miss billie jean crowther on 6th July, 2011

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All i can say is my mum was the landlady there a few years ago,Ann she was a lovely Women it wasnt that then it was the silly man in the kitchen that thought he knew more than anyone else,chef he was a x copper from bonny bacup,roberto,hes gone now and i hope it does really well ,good pub,bless this his from his step daughter x

Date visited: 06072011

Review by Hurst on 24th May, 2011

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I have Just called into the Deerplay Inn and amm looking forward to new beginings. It is curantly being re decorated and looks much brighter inside.The odd wall has been knocked down giving it a more open feel and brighter paint work. If the new landladey is as cheerfull plling pints as she is while she is painting it will be more pleasant times ahead.Sounds like good food on the way too! A very large car park will make for easy parking.

Date visited: 24/5/11

Review by Gwen on 6th January, 2010

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We went to the Deerplay a while ago now, and trust us we will NOT under ANY circumstances make that mistake again. We arrived on our only form of transport a Suzuki GXSF750 and in full leathers,I went to the kitchen door to order and left my partner to find a table,but most of them had "reserved"on them. I asked the 300yr old woman that was taking our order were was best to sit. She looked at me like I was stupid and said "you can sit anywhere that hasn't got reserved on it,thats R E S E R V E D", now I know my partner rides a bike,but that doesn't mean he is either (a) stupid or (b) can't read,he's house trained too! I would like to say that our food was served to us in a warm and courteous manner,but I'd be lying. It was practically thrown at us,and before people that had ordered before us! We got the disinct impression we wasn't welcome,can't think how! So in short,if you ride a bike and you want good food,good service,and treated like a real human being,don't go to deerplay go to The Top Brink at Lumbutts.

Date visited: summer 2007

Review by ----- on 21st July, 2009

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i think the waitresses at the deerplay inn are very good and work long and hard to serve us nice meals and try there hardest to do the best they can in the tiny rooms and rushes of customers screaming and giving them abuse all the time and perhaps customers should look at the bigger picture the waitresses are not the boss they dont make up things to try and ruin your meals we listen to the boss and do as we are told. its not there fault your kids just want fatty chips on a plate and your a tight arse (by them a decent meal).

Date visited: --

Review by Anon on 14th November, 2007

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I think I am qualified to write a fair review of the Deerplay Inn as I worked there for almost 2 years. This was a while back now but I can't imagine much has changed as the ownership and staff are the same. Now, let's start with the food. The food is delicious and at a very very good price. There's not much else to say about that really. I must say that Wheatie who waitresses there is a delight to be around, always happy and smiley. She's the only decent thing about the staff there! Other than her, hellacious working conditions, 3 years ago he had a wonderful woman serving behind the bar and a few happy cheerful people in the kitchen and waiting on tables. It was a packed place and everyone said how great it was and how nice the staff was. Read the recent reviews of this place, it's obviously changed.

Date visited: Many Times

Review by hayley on 10th November, 2007

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i have visited the deerplay pub in bacup a number of times..the reason...because the food is'd think because of this reason this pub would be packed but no it isn't. why? i believe because the staff are the most unfriendly, arkward and miserable people ever. i feel i have the right to say this as i have been a regular customer and haven't just caught them on a bad day..on my last visit (and i mean my last) i went with my family (8 in total), my grandma who has disabilities had just got out of hospital requested a starter as a meal and the rest of us ordered main meals, the lady told us this was not possible so instead we ordered her her a childs meal, again not possible.. we explained she had reflux problems and would not manage a full meal but was told in a insensitive way to basically order a full meal or go! you can guess which we did!! (we estimate we would have spent around 150 pound with drinks).Do you have kids? again not good for the deerplay. we all know how fussy kids can be, mine wanted chips and beans (without the sausage) i asked them not to give the sausage but would pay the full price anyway, i was told this was not possible. After asking why not i was just told because you can't. no idea why i was only saving them money and time not cooking it!! I am prepared to put up with lack of space (the seating arrangements mean you are touching back to back), the waitress walking around with her slippers on and the freezing cold toilets but will not put up with unfriendly staff spoiling my well earned night out with bad customer service skills. my heart goes out to the chef who i have to say is fantastic, with some decent staff he could have one of the best pubs in lancashire! p.s make sure you order all your drinks before 9 o'clock (even when eating) as they close the bar whenever they like..

Date visited: 29.09.07

Review by sandra on 28th August, 2007

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Went to Deerplay on Saturday night, with 12 other guest, for my brother in laws 50th birthday.Had booked some weeks in advance, and our party had been allocated a small room in the pub just next to the kitchens. The tables had not been arranged properly, and myself and partner had to sit on our own away from the other guest on a table for 2. Not great when you having a family bash. We asked for menu's and were told to get our own from the end of the bar! We all decided what food to order, then had to stand in kitchen doorway to order and pay for food. While you are ordering food, waitress' barging past in and out of kitchen door carrying hot plates and food! After we all ordered, we decided to push our 'table for 2'up against the other party guest tables because we felt a bit left out and fed up of turning round to join in conversations. That's when we encounterd the 'landlady l'. She shouted at us to move the table back because of health and safety issues with the girls serving food. All we had done was add it to the end of another table, not really making much difference to the people serving. What was laughable is no health and safety issues when you have to stand ordering your food in kitchen doorway with hot plates and food being carried past you. We eventually got our food thrown at us about an hour later. Not great food, but we tried to make the best of a bad night. After we had eaten, we retired to the bar area and asked if we could have 13 coffees before we had another drink. Landlady said 'no, kitchen closed' and that was that!! If you want a nice meal in a clean and friendly environment, forget going here. Its a place we are still laughing about, but for all the wrong reasons!

Date visited: 25/8/2007

Review by Craig Scott on 15th July, 2007

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The Deerplay Inn do not accept any form of card payment its cash only which is a real problem if you didnt know in advance as there are no cash machines within the vicinity. We have visited three times and conclude that even as we are residents of the area their method of ordering food is primitive, staff attitude is appalling and downright rude, you'll be kept waiting at the bar and be spoken to as if you are dirt. Dont even think of asking the chef not to put gravy on your roast dinner because he will shake his head, tut and then tell you in no uncertain terms that if you didnt want gravy you should have ordered something else. They dont welcome children or pregnant ladies either, our pregnant friend was told she should be ashamed of herself coming to a pub in her condition even though she was drinking water! The place isnt as clean as it could be and as nice as the food is it just doesnt compensate for the poor level of service and bad attitude you'll receive.

Date visited: 30/06/2007

Review by Heather Billington on 6th July, 2007

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If you don't carry cash, don't go to the Deerplay. To start with the attitude of the lady (I only assume wife of the owner/chef) was nothing less than appauling, snooty, not pleasant at all when taking my food order, and when I offered her my switch card to pay, she said oh no! cash only, to which I had to say "Oh I'm sorry I don't carry cash" so she just turned round to the chef and said cancel the order. Needless to say I would never go again due to the attitude. It's a deffinite regulars place, you can tell when you get glared at as new customers and ignored when you walk in - It's ok when you can afford to loose business

Date visited: 05/07/07

Review by theresa fallon on 19th June, 2006

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Brilliant food as always, particularly the lamb. All the meat is of excellent quality. We have never had a bad meal here.

Date visited: 01/06/06

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