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Reviews of Brandy Wharf Cider Centre, Gainsborough

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Review by P J Lorriman on 4th July, 2018

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I think that the previous review by an apparent 'clergyman' was somewhat optimistic, or completely 'fake news'! IT WAS SHUT

Date visited: 04/07/2018

Review by Rev D. Goodall on 9th May, 2018

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Praise The Lord, The Brandy Wharf is open for business again!!! Taken over by ex Sqn Ldr Tony Cunnaine, the place features no less than 47 craft ciders, various Perrys and at last, decent food. We visited on the off chance, and found that this wonderful venue has been re-vitalised and re-opened for business, and not before time. You won't find any run-of the mill gastronomy here. we opted for the black pudding, poached egg and roquefort salad, the cassoulet de canard and the goats cheese shuffle- mwah!! All cooked to succulent perfection by socially commissioned visiting chef d'honour Anthony Worral-Thompson. We couldn't believe our luck at this splendid find!!! Good luck to you Tony with your new venture - thank goodness this bastion of Lincolnshire deliciousness is on its feet again!!!

Date visited: 6 May 2018

Review by simon on 25th February, 2015

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No wonder this plaice is shut, the landlord (male) was a grumpy, misrible old that. Such an aggressive spoilt little boy. He ran this this pub in to the ground. Shame really had some lovely ales, great food and great band night. But hey ho all things come to an end.

Date visited: 4 yrs agao

Review by Brian Greenwood on 8th December, 2014

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Visited on 6th Dec 2014, rang number beforehand, just got answer machine. Site now permanently closed as a cider centre. Could I ask current owners using old cider centre phone number to at least add a message stating centre closed. Local council needs to put at red line across road signs. What a total waste of a day out.

Date visited: 6th Dec 2014

Review by James on 19th September, 2014

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As I only live just down the road I have been going for years, although I like the drinks very much the staff are to put it quite simply...unhinged, mental and downright weird crackpot types, especially the whisky bottle toting quad bike riding mentalist landlord. I only hope and pray that some wonderful people take it over and restore it to its former glory, lincolnshire deserves something to be proud of, make it's so. Also this thread is hilarious and Lol that they abused the red arrows come on, how stupid can you get....well apparently stupid breeds more stupid, the baked bean escapade made a bit of wee come out I laughed so hard ha ha. Someone please buy brandy wharf and make it better!

Date visited: Loads of times

Review by Sophie on 5th August, 2014

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I went to this beautiful place as a child and spent most of my childhood years hear . It was a lovely experience with beautiful memories of the staff and the food l, rubber duck races and the wassale. I'm devastated to hear all these comments and all the negativity, I'm sad to hear about it closing but I hope some of the old customers will help to take it over and bring it back to the wonderful place it was. I will go back anytime.

Review by kevin on 14th July, 2014

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Bing back Ian and Gill they were the best

Review by Graham Owst on 24th April, 2014

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Gill and Ian were the best proprietors I`ve ever met. Returned to Brandy Wharf after they had left to find that most of the customers were the biggest bunch of lager louts and vodka drinking w*****s I`d ever seen.......unlike the locals who were PROPER cider drinkers!Rowdy, the incumbant proprietor, typical "get off my land" farmer!!!!

Date visited: 1981 to 2000

Review by Reverend D. Goodall on 15th April, 2014

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Such a shame - I was hoping to talk with the Landlord following the healing of his bean-sized burns and discuss The Lord. I can't help but think he could have done with some help, rather than the seemingly constant haranguing he received on this and other review sites by the likes of Mr Halton and D. Ogbolter. Beth - would you be kind enough to thank him for his service to us all, and let him know that not all his visitors were of the riotous kind. If he should need solace, then do get in touch - I conduct Holy Communion every Sunday down in Redbourne and it would be lovely to catch up again under calmer circumstances. Bless you Beth - you have been a constant companion and in your years at the Brandy Wharf have always been a solid and reliable supporter.

Date visited: 2103

Review by Sally McBride on 15th April, 2014

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Beth - what ARE you talking about ??? You were very RUDE and UNWELCOMING to me and my group of friends - why are you surprised people stayed away. I TOLD YOU that your behaviour was out of order - you wouldn't get treated the way you treated us even in a third world country. Now learn from the experience, learn some manners and compassion and move on please.

Date visited: 2012

Review by Jayne Moss on 15th April, 2014

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Come on Beth, come on!!!! How on earth you can even try to admonish us is beyond belief. I remember talking to you the night we were not allowed in - you said "sorry no Hen Parties". Did it not occur to you that we had planned this for many months before hand/ That many of my friends came from all over the country to enjoy that night with me???? HOW DARE YOU POST SUCH ROT BETH?????? You personally RUINED what was supposed to be a happy enjoyable night Beth. HOW COULD YOU???????? Well I've got news for you Beth - MY HUSBAND is already talking to the Brewery and is interested in taking the place over and restoring it to its former glory - before YOU and OTHERS spoiled it. We are thinking of putting an offer in, so watch this space folks - if we get it, it will be BACK TYO THE GOOD OLD DAYS AT THE BRANDY WHARF and BETH - You are already barred love!!!!!

Date visited: 2012

Review by Andreas on 15th April, 2014

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Well thanks to all idiots who don't respect a lovely place!!!thanks to you all the landlord and his family have had enough of dreading who was coming and what they would have to deal with at weekends and have decided to close the cider centre?can't blame them?they deserve a more peaceful life?sorry they've done it but I would in same situation?just a shame the idiots couldn't behave themselves?good luck to the family with whatever they decide to do in the future" ???? BETH - BETH, BETH Beth - that is a very disrespectful post Young Lady. I understand that you are upset, but we are not all "Idiots' My own experiences of the place were OK, but you must admit that Humphrey didn't exactly put Customer Service at the top of his list of priorities, eh?? I remember complaining about a pack of dogs that was roaming about defacating all over the place. It was a real health hazard - your own dad said so - remember?? Landlord Humprey's answer - he handed me a brush and pan and said "if ye down loyke it - gao an clear id aaaap". This really put me off the place to be honest. Yes I loved the cider (before Sainsburys got in on the supply) and yes we had some good old sing songs (I remember you singing to Abba's dancing Queen) but the problem was that people want a bit of choice. They don't want notices all over the place saying "no doing this"and "no doing that". Like the rule about no kids in the bar - what a shame that was. And the rule about not being able to use the shower if you were only staying ONE NIGHT!!!!! Madness. I say let the new owners try to turn the place around - bring the customers back to what could be a lovely place. And there's a place for you too girl, don't forget, you're the best barmaid within 5 miles of "The Wharf" Love to Auntie Joan and Uncle Piles. Andy

Date visited: Jan 2013

Review by Beth on 8th April, 2014

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Well thanks to all idiots who don't respect a lovely place!!!thanks to you all the landlord and his family have had enough of dreading who was coming and what they would have to deal with at weekends and have decided to close the cider centre?can't blame them?they deserve a more peaceful life?sorry they've done it but I would in same situation?just a shame the idiots couldn't behave themselves?good luck to the family with whatever they decide to do in the future

Date visited: 8/4/2014

Review by tom on 29th January, 2014

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it not that bad guys anymore

Date visited: 28/01/2014

Review by Wing Cdr Halton on 12th July, 2013

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I'm based at RAF Scampton, and decided to bring my flight (The Red Arrows) to this place, as we have often been intrigued when we've flown over it on many occasions during training. We turned up in our flight minibus, and parked in the car park. We were still in our flying suits and thought we would receive a warm welcome, as we always do in Lincolnshire. We didnt even get halfway to the pub door when a half drunk man rushed out and shouted "CLEAR OFF, CLEAR OFF - NO MINIBUSES, AND DEFINITELY NOT YOU NOISY NUISANCE B******S". This was by all accounts the proprietor, and we were somewhat taken aback. I had to restrain my colleagues who wanted to teach the bounder a lesson in good manners. We asked what the problem was, and he again said "NO MINIBUSES - CANT YOU READ?' "AND I'M SICK OF YOU BLOODY FLY-BOYS BUZZING ROUND THIS PUB -NOW GET OFF MY PRPERTY BEFORE I CALL YOUR COMMANDING OFFICER". I pointed out that I was in fact the Commanding Officer, and that we didnt have to drink there. "GOOD - NOW F**K OFF" - staggered back inside and locked the door. My colleagues and I were dumbfounded - what a rude and blastphemous man. Rest assued Landlord, If you're reading this, we will be back and flying at VERY LOW LEVEL!!! There is a happy ending, we went to a pub down in Redbourne where we had a most enjoyable eveing.

Date visited: 5th July 2013

Review by Rev D Goodall on 25th June, 2013

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I took my scout troop camping to the attached campsite this week, and boy, am I sorry I did. We decided to order breakfast, as it sounded good (2 sausages, egg, toast, beans, bacon, black pudding and a cup of tea) all for the very reasonable price of 4 pounds and thirty pence. The first morning, after exercise and prayers, my boys and I were waiting for our food when we heard a very loud BANG. This was followed by the kitchen door bursting open and the landlord stumbling out with a blackened face, and followed by a large plume of smoke. It appeared that he had put an un-opened catering sized tin of baked beans in the microwave, and it exploded!!!!! I tried to administer first aid, as he had multiple bean-sized burns all over his face and arms, but he told me to (quote) "get your filthy hands off me, this is your bloody fault anyway....". And he reeked of whisky too. Well, I've never been so angry. This silly man was obviously trying to cut corners - why on earth did he not just use a saucepan??? My boys and I repaired to the camp site, where we ate what spare food we had packed. We were just constructing a rope bridge (an initiative exercise) when the landlord turned up on a quad bike absolutely covered in lots of white plasters (he looked like something out of 'The Mummy'), and shouted at us "what the hell are you doing???". I tried to explain that my boys were doing an initiative test, but he just got more and more angry. We tried to reason with him, but he threatened to call the police if we did not leave there and then. I asked for the camp site fees back as we had paid in advance) but he just said "no way - now get off before I throw you off"and raced off on his quad bike. I will NEVER go to this God-forsaken place again. I so so wish that I had found the reviews on this website before we booked. I should have smelled a rat, when he asked on of my boys for a cigarette when we first turned up. Red D. Goodall Grimsby

Date visited: 13th June

Review by Millie on 16th June, 2013

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I posted a review back in 2010, when i felt that the place was getting a little too much bad press. I'm sorry to say that following me getting barred by the landlord today (over something really petty), my opinion has changed :-( My husband John and I were having our usual pint o'scrumpy when I accidentally knocked over my half drunk cider. The landlord saw this happen, and stood there just shaking his head and going red with anger. I apologised and asked for a cloth to clean it up, which he threw at me (which was a little harsh). Having cleaned up the spilled drink, I went to the bar to buy another round, and he REFUSED TO SERVE ME!!!!! He said I's had enough and obviously couldn't take my drink!!! I have been going there for years, and burst into tears with disbelief when he did this. How can he treat regulars like this?????? From now on, well be going to the Red Lion at Redbourne and will NEVER set foot in this hell-hole again. I must say what a crying shame - such a lovely location, but he has systematically RUINED our favourite pub. We've been going there 20 years in all, and wish Ian would come back ond sort the place out. It needs a woman's touch too, as it is decorated like a hay-barn. And sorry Humpfhrey, but the posts are accurate about the food and the shameful conduct that goes on in the pub. It makse me so upset to remember how me and Kohn used to sit outside on a balmy summers eve and sip lovely cold cider as the sun went down. Now we cant even do that a)because he's barred us, and b)because the place has GONE TO THE DOGS!!!

Date visited: 12th June 2013

Review by D. Ogbolter on 9th June, 2013

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My wife and i took our family to this plce for meal last night, as we had heard about it from friends. It was a little dingy to be honest, and pretty empty, but it was a nice night, so we took our drinks outside to enjoy the evening. We had ordered some food, which hadnt turned up after twenty minutes or so. When i walked into the bar to check, there was screaming match going on between the landlord and the barmaid. This was somewhat embarrassing, as they appeared not to have noticed me. "I told you to order th f#####ing chips" the landlord was shouting. When i coughed to get some attention, he snapped "what?" !!! I was a little taken aback, but the barmaid interjectd and said "your food will be out soon, right?" I was speechless and went back outside. After a while the food did turn up - burnt yet cold. How on earth did they manage it. I can only imagine that they must have cooked and burnt it before their argument. Anyway, my wife went into complain as i was too angry, and the rude barmaid said "sorry, no travellers". Well that did it for us, and my wife gave them a piece of her mind. Nasty beer, horrid food and THE WORST service ever. If you have someone you really dislike, send them here to drink rubbish cider, vile food and equally vile barmaid / landlord

Date visited: 5 june

Review by VikiB on 13th March, 2013

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I've been coming here for many years and since it was taken over from Ian 10 or so years ago it has gone further and further downhill. The once good food was replaced with tastless, tinned rubbish, they introduced lager and beer, put a fence up at the river, not allowing people to sit on the bank and basically turned it into a very unfriendly, unwelcome place. You can no longer sit in the quirky lounge if you are not eating, so in bad weather you have the whitewashed bar. However I still enjoyed the cider, well, one of them but now even that has changed! The alcohol content has been reduced by half making it completely tasteless - I can only think it has been watered down. The landlord is so obviously in the wrong job and seems to enjoy making people feel uncomfortable.He had the perfect pub to run and just needed to walk in and change nothing. He must be losing a fortune. Such a shame.

Date visited: 10/3/13

Review by Jayne moss on 11th August, 2012

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What a joke 9 girls turned up to celebrate our friends 31st birthday in a mini bus only to be greeted by the barmaid and told we were not welcome just because we were in a minibus - we asked of we had come in cars would we be allowed and the reply was yes - but I've seen you all now . Advice to anyone else don't spend 80 on a taxi to visit a jumped up little cow who takes pleasure in wrecking a birthday celebration .

Date visited: 11thaug2012

Review by Sally McBride on 11th August, 2012

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10 of us over 30 arrived in a minibus today for a friends birthday, completely sober to be met by Rebecca informing us that they do not accept minibus parties but upon being questioned admitted that had we arrived in separate cars they would have accepted us. £80 wasted on a taxi & a few hours later on calling Rebecca to question the service given the phone was put down & on calling back was told by the receiver that we had called Rebecca names (completely not true) and therefore she would not be speaking with us. We were accused if being immature & were laughed at. This service is completely disrespectful. No names were called we were merely questioning the treatment we had been given in a mature & calm manner. We absolutely cannot BELIEVE how we have been treated today this is absolutely disgusting considering there was a guy clearly 'jacking up' in front of the pub when we arrived. If they would prefer one druggie to 10 respectful individuals then so be it.

Date visited: 11/07/12

Review by Will Chapman on 29th July, 2012

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Out of 10 it gets a zero. The place is an absolute dump with unhelpful, unfriendly staff. After ordering 4 drinks and been served them in plastic pints we went to sit in the beautiful Tarmac surroundings. I threw my cider after 1 sip, rancid, we then all left pretty sharpish. It's a shame as it could be a great pub! The landlord obviously hates people and has no idea about welcoming customers. Certainly will not go back unless I find myself craving a warm flat pint of pi55 served to me by a miserable tw@.

Date visited: 28/7/2012

Review by Millie on 8th April, 2012

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Well you can tell when some people make up things on this site, when they don't even sell Pizza and they are very welcoming. If people weren't so disrespectful to the place maybe it the landlord would be nicer, but how would you feel if drunk people were running round your house swearing when there are families around! and as for him saying he would put the dog in the curry well your just talking f###ing bull#### !!! Don't judge people on their lives because nobody lives are perfect! I would definetly recommend this place for everyone except people who want to get drunk and act like perfectic children! My children act more mature than most of the people I see drinking there!People that write these reviews seriously need to open their eyes! You have to earn respect, because if you don't show it why should people show respect for you?

Review by NoName on 8th April, 2012

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People say that their cider was flat and warm, well thats probably because you had STILL cider!!!! And you complain that you don't like cider! THEN DON'T DRINK IT!!!!! Don't like the food then go to McDonalds!! And as for someone who said that the Landlord chucked a bike in the river what the hell are you talking about?!?! I love this place and I will carry on going to this place as much as I can!!! It's not the place for young/old people looking to get drunk! or people with children running about whilst their parents get drunk and don't notice what their children are up too!! It's for families that respect things and people who are looking for a good day out without causing trouble!!! It's no buckingham palace but I have seen MANY places worse that this pub! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!! Don't doubt until you visit yourself!!

Review by Keith Moone on 25th November, 2011

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Very upset and disapointed. This place is not pet friendly at all. The landlord threatened to "put that F####ing dog in the curry" when we asked for some water for our chihuahua. The cider was warm and flat, and the food was very very greasy. I've never had deep-fried pizza with chips that are still frozen in the middle before, and as I dont want them again, I certainly wont be paying this place a visit again. The only good thing about this place is the nice river nearby, and the landlord even tried to spoil that by throwing some kids bike in that had been left leaning against his gate post. unbelievable - this bloke ought to be up in front of the law, or send Gordon Ramsay round - he would have a field-day.

Date visited: 3-5 Nov 2011

Review by David Turner on 14th September, 2011

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I took a group of 34 people to the Brandy Wharf Leisure Park including 8 friends from Belgium. We spent a great deal of our time in the Brandy Wharf pub. We all found the Landlord/Landlady and staff to be pleasant and well mannered. They even did us a full english breakfast for £4.50 a head including a hot drink. On the saturday night we took our own DJ and had a disco in the beer garden. A very accomodating couple. A great weekend. We will all be going again.

Date visited: 9-11 September 2011

Review by amanda on 22nd August, 2011

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after reading the reviews we nearly stayed away but decided to go anyway it is a typical country pub nice play area and seating the pub was clean and the bar staff were very nice the food was nice and the pudding was beaut and we will definately go again when we are camping at brandy wharf ...!!!

Date visited: 21/ 8 /11

Review by Ian Boots on 25th July, 2011

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The Cider Centre itself is pretty much of a similar vein; run-down, dirty and the cider – well it was over-priced and average. Can safely say that whilst I have breath in my body I will NEVER go anywhere near this place again. Hopefully, when the sea levels rise this place will be simply washed away.

Date visited: 23 July 2011

Review by Owen on 11th July, 2011

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I've known about this place for quite a while but have never managed to visit until now. The place looked very busy when I arrived with lots enjoying the sunshine outside and plenty coming over from the nearby campsite but I thought I would give it a go. Looked to be a huge range of ciders on offer and most customers were purchasing these. I was on the soft drinks as I was driving but ordered food and it came quickly and was very good and reasonably priced. The girls behind the bar were polite and friendly. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Can only think it must be new owners since the reviews below. Will definitely be visiting more often!!

Date visited: 09/07/11

Review by Keith Gater on 16th May, 2011

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We visited the Brandy Wharf leisure park and stayed for the week end and had some great fun and we also had some great times at this pub it was warm clean tidy and very old worldy the staff were polite well mannered the place was very busy saturday night but every one was having fun we would definate be go back again

Date visited: 13/5/2011

Review by James on 26th January, 2011

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My wife and I noticed the signs to this place from the A15. 'Cider Centre' they said, so we followed them and eventually arrived at a pretty run-down establishment. Inside was of a similar quality - dingy room, tables covered in crisps and sticky pop, and a barman who was absolutely filthy. We asked what Ciders he had and he siad "same as most pubs, what do you expect we have???". when we asked about food, he said he could re-heat some sausages that were leftover from breakfast. all in all apretty bad experience. as we were leaving he sarcastically called ou "missing you already", cleared his throat and spat into a waste paper bin. It was disgusting, and I will NEVER go there again.

Date visited: Dec 2010

Review by Davidor on 29th June, 2010

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I noticed the sign from the main road one afternoon, so decided to drop in for a pint od scrumpy (I am from Devon). I remember thinking it could never be as good as Devon Cider, and my oh my, how right I was :-( A run-down place selling a meagre selection of warm ciders (probably purchased from Asdas) served by THE most miserable and ignorant set of bas staff I have ever come across. No Sir - this place was NOT GOOD. A couple on the next table had ordered the egg and chips, but were disappointed when two plates of Irish stew turned up. When they complained, the landlord went absolutely ballistic and aske them to leave!!! We also left, leaving our drinks to the blasted wasps

Date visited: June 2010

Review by dana on 15th May, 2010

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It seems a great shame that the landlord appears not to be reading the reviews posted and appears not to want to improve the cider centre. Very foolish and shows a level of arrogance. I read up on the place as my husband & I had planned to take our children out for the day to the cider centre. Think we'll be giving it a miss!!!!

Review by Laurence on 7th April, 2010

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And I thought it was just an isolated case of bad service and rudeness that I received. Reading the accounts below, it is clear that this is not the case. A couple of friends and I visited this place (having heard of its good reputation) and arranged for my wife to drop us there - we would return by taxi to Lincoln. It was a warm summer evening so we decided to sit outside. The landlord immediately had a go at one of us for smoking outside, and the bar staff were extremely curt and rude to say the least. As long as this landlord holds sway, I will NEVER set foot in the place again, it is dirty, over-priced, of poor quality and the food and drink are below average.

Date visited: 20 June 2008

Review by dave on 13th February, 2010

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I think the previous comment must be the landlord or a family member, the place is a joke. If you want an average choice of vastly over priced cider, while eating very poor quality food, while sat in a dirty pub then this is the place. However if you have any standards and self respect go ANYWHERE else........

Date visited: jan 2010

Review by Skelton on 6th January, 2010

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I've been going to Brandy Wharf Cider Centre for many years. I enjoy cider and this place is great for cider. I enjoy my food and the food is OK too, it's always served quickly and hot which is more than can be said of some places. No it doesn't look like Forest Pines Hotel, but that isn't the charm of this place. A quirky little family run tavern by the river, serving mainly cider is what it is all about. And yes it certainly ticks the box in this way. Someone once told me that in life if you find yourself not enjoying something - then you are probably doing it wrong. Whenever i've been to this place people seem to be doing it right - and ENJOYING themselves. Bike nights must see 300 plus people, bonfire night a similar number and summer concert dates probably more - all of these people look like they're having a good time. People reminisce about the good old days in their reviews, about how it was when Ian was the landlord, this isn't exactly how i remember it. What i do know is that it is better in most ways now than it ever was 10 years ago. Bottom line is if you like good cider, a bite to eat and a chill out where the kids can go along too this is a pretty good place compared to most!

Date visited: December

Review by Malcolm on 30th August, 2009

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I reviewed this place in August 2007 and jokingly referred to guard dogs. This time there actually was a sign saying beware of the loose guard dogs! It's as unwelcoming as ever, plastered with "don't do this" and "don't do that" signs. We went on a coolish evening when there was no-one outside and only two otherw in the bar. Luckily the surly landlord was nowhere to be seen. From what used to be a real cider centre with a vast array of ciders this has now become just a place where you can get a couple of brand ciders plus some of their own Warning: don't - I had a pint of their Old Rammel and it was truly horrible. In fact the focus seems to be more on whiskey than cider.

Date visited: Aug 2009

Review by the Bevan Family on 20th August, 2009

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We thought we'd try the Cider Centre for a leisurely Sunday Pub Lunch by the river, but in the end we didn't stay long... I thought that perhaps the Landlord was having a bad day, but having read the reviews on here it would appear not. I wish we had read them before we got in the car! I wonder where the patron learned his customer services skills, from his Drill Sergeant perhaps? Several of the tables in the garden were covered with spilt drink, and the wasps were having a marvellous time, partying in their hundreds. The menus were dirty and the prices were high for what was on offer. We were also expecting to be offered a wide range of interesting ciders, but many of the bottles behind the bar are available in the high street! The advertised Cider Museum is also long gone... The service behind the bar can at best be described as surly, but we decided to order food having made the journey. However, when we heard the landlord shouting at a group of other customers whose child had gone to see the animals, joining another child in the field (with hindsight probably the landlord's offspring) we decided to cut our losses and try the Red Lion in Redbourne, just up the road.

Date visited: 10th August 2009

Review by Sam Williams on 10th August, 2009

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I used to come here years ago when the place was a welcoming friendly pub with a superb range of cider. What a difference a decade makes! There were half the 15 draught ciders advertised outside and they were mostly large branded products. Okay there were more ciders in bottles but when we asked for the driest cider (presumably) the landlord pointed out one that said medium on the bottle! Then my friend asked if we could get a few portions of chips on their own and he rudely answered 'no they just come with main courses'. He then lost a round of 10 drinks (and four lots of chips) as we were astounded by the lack of politeness and willingness to go out of his way for the customer. He didnt even suggest an alternative. My friend took her grandson down to look at the animals and saw that there was a gate marked 'private' and one that wasn't thus assuming they could go through and see the animals - only to be chased away by (presumably) the landlord ranting that 'no wonder kids have no respect - thats why the country is going downhill. No respect!'He obviously beared a grudge from losing the drinks order! What a rude man! We were made to feel like we were troublemakers and like anything was too much. We could then see exactly why on a beautiful Sunday the place was so dead!

Date visited: 9th August 2009

Review by Adrian Lambert and David Watson on 9th August, 2009

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My friend and I took a nostalgic trip on a small boat from Brigg to Brandy Wharf Cider Centre. Many years ago my wife and I ferried passengers from Brigg to Brandy Wharf Cider Centre on our passenger boat Phoenix and enjoyed many Sundays during the summer months in the company of Ian the landlord. On our arrival today we moored our small boat at Brandy Wharf and entered the Cider Centre car park. The time being exactly 11.45 am. We were immediately approached by a very stern faced man I can only assume to be the landlord who asked what we were doing there. I asked if the pub was open today he said "Yes" then "what time is it?" I jokingly covered my watch and said "Shall I lie and say its 12 o'clock?" He said "Is it really?" I then again in gest said "No its actually 11.45". To my absolute surprise I received a barrage of "Get out of my car park don't ever come back you are banned for life and you are taking the piss and trespassing"! I actually thought this was only a joke but was practically frogmarched out of the car park back to my boat and this abnoxious little man continued to chunter to himself.

Date visited: 09/08/2009

Review by CAROL WATSON on 3rd August, 2009

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I cannot say a bad word about the campsite and the cider centre. All 24 of us had a great time. Our pitch were near the basic toilet block, which was a blessing in disguise especially throughout the night. Yes it did get dirty with the amount of grass that got walked in but as the weather was raining it was to be expected. Despite the campsite owner having several dogs running around, we only came across one piece of dog poo which was suitable delt with!! The cider centre itself was a nice pub with excellent beer garden and children’s play area. There were not the 15 draft beers available as advertised on the board outside but there was plenty of selection, which suited all of us. Food was adequate if somewhat pricy for the children’s menu. Some of the beer prices were on the steep side if you didn’t like cider but I bought two 2 litre jugs of cider to take away with me for a very reasonable price of £7.50 each, the glass jar is great to re-use also. Some of our party stayed in the cider centre until midnight talking to the very nice landlord and having fun outside. Thanks for a welcoming time.

Date visited: 31st July 2009

Review by PAUL STOCKMAN on 16th July, 2009

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we saw the brown sign off the a15 decided to visit what a disappointment a run down dinghy pub ,when we asked if this was the cider centre the landlady said yes no cider press no museum orchard visable from kids play area if you avoid the dog mess in the beer garden, saw a sign in the barn from the carpark saying cider press under construction biggest smile we had at the place after the sign that said leave only footprints and take as many photos as you wish of what exactly ???!! visit if you like faulty towers or that santas wonderland where they had a dog with antlers on to see how really bad it is ,you have to go to see how easy you can be conned by a road sign lol borrow a pole from a nearby barge but dont touch the place with it?!

Date visited: 16 july 2009

Review by Barry on 6th July, 2009

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Living in Grimsby I have often heard glowing comments on this place. My brother who lives overseas always seems to fit in a visit on his irregular returns to the UK. I have never visited before and certainly WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THIS PLACE AGAIN. I can only re-iterate Andy's comments. Tables still haven't been cleaned. I thought the beer mats were super glued to the table. Obviously many have turned their backs on this filthy place, that bases its exorbitant prices on past reputation rather than what it now serves, as while waiting for the "food" overheard a "cheque's in the post" telephone conversation. Very business like. I'd rather stay in town and go to a greasy spoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date visited: 6 July 2009

Review by martin on 4th July, 2009

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I visited the cider centre and i thought it was pretty damn good in terms of selection of cider, i also think that the landlord is a bloody decent bloke! the only problem he may have is that so called camp site across the road full of people with no respect for themselves never mind anyone else, keep up the good work lanlord.

Date visited: 03/07/09

Review by Andy on 30th April, 2009

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My wife and I took our kids out today with a view to finding a nice place for a quiet bite to eat. It is the wifes birthday so I let her choose where to go. She decided on Brandy Wharf and we set off . On arriving we both noticed how shoddy looking the place had become but we gave it a chance and parked the car to go inside . Outside were several very loud twenty somethings who obviously thought that swearing in front of women and children was fully acceptable. We entered the very scruffy bar area and asked for the menu at which point we recieved a single badly laminated A4 sheet with a smearing of dried up sauce or gravy. We are not snobs but we do have standards and this was testing them quite a bit. Surely things could only get better. We were TOLD to take the kids into the dining room and sit down - NICE MANNERS - NOT. We walked into the DARK and DINGY dining room and chose a table ( at least I think it was a table ). I made the mistake of putting my arm on the ' table ' and tried to take my coat off. At this point I realise that it was stuck to the table....How and with what I hear you ask. JAM , GRAVY , name it. This table was fully laid ready for service but had clearly not been cleaned for many days if not weeks. The place mats were filthy , the cuttlery was filthy and our feet were sticking to the floor. My family are working class normal people who do not expect perfection but this place was taking the p..s. We had a quick look at the menu and agreed that the £8.49 per person per main course did not fit these scruffy surroundings and having seen the state of the dining room we were worried that if they can't take care of the area that the customer can see WHAT WILL THE PART THAT WE CAN'T SEE BE LIKE? THE KITCHEN? We did not fancy a dose of BRANDY BHARF and promptly left. It will be a very cold day in hell before we go back.

Date visited: 30th April 2009

Review by Katie on 8th April, 2009

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I live at brandy wharf because it's a fab place and the landlord only gets mad when you get on the wrong side of him but a other times when you get on the right side of him you could have a good lauh with him and if you think that brandy wharf is a rubbish pace then get a heart for other peoples respect for their property

Review by david grove on 27th November, 2008

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It was 23 years ago when i first visited this pub and WOW what a place, great landlord, great food and well what can i say about the cider .... excellant. Although i lived 17 miles away i made this place a local visiting 3 to 4 times a week. But then a very sad day came and Ian the landlord handed over the keys to this very inadequate person who soul mission in life was to destroy to fantastic reputation this place had built up. The rudeness is in abundance, the food smells like a cheap burger van parked along a seafront and his knowledge of cider equals that of a tea totalling priest! The place is dirty and his building alterations would make architechs ill from laughter. I actually enjoy going now just once a year to remind myself how awful this place is, do yourself a favour and if you accidently drive up towards it KEEP DRIVING.

Date visited: 07.11.08

Review by Jim on 25th August, 2008

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What can I say about the Landlord that has not been said The cider was not too bad but the food and the price was unbelievable. He had to be challenged before he would supply the advertised cheese berger. What a joke.....the same thing in McDonalds is half that price....five bites and it was gone. Thank goodness he lives in England and we live in Australia.

Date visited: 25-Aug-2008

Review by Katy on 14th November, 2007

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can i just say that this is the most fantastic place on earth and i will return again and again.the fencing is not electified and is for privacy of the landlords family when the pub is closed and the landlord is fantastic and only gets upset when idiots are rude and out of order.he is protecting his family and business from those who have no respect.

Date visited: 20th sept 07

Review by Malcolm on 25th August, 2007

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I've been going to the tavern every two years during my visits home from Canada. I think this was my last visit. Although the cider was fine I was amazed at the number of "not permitted" and "do not" signs. It's the only pub I've ever been to that actually had an electric fence to keep people away! I'd come across the surly landlord in 2005 and was prepared to ignore that, but the feeling the whole place gives me now is that I'm not really welcome! I would not have been surprised to see razor wire. What next - watch towers and guard dogs? There are better places in Brigg.

Date visited: 24 August 2007

Review by philip rice on 26th May, 2007

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We'd booked in for two nights at the campsite. One night alone, and one with the kids. The pub is lovely, but only opens at 6pm, despite having boards outside that said open all day!! Also, a bit old fashioned in that the mardy auld git of a landlord rings the bell at 10:30pm! (on a friday night, in this day and age?!) Campsite over the road is ok, but is full of ale heads, with loud music on till well after midnight, parties everywhere, booze everywhere. There was a lot of people drinking again at breakfast, (we even saw a cat-fight at 8am between two grown women!) and so we made the decision not to bring the kids and came home early. Like being in the middle of one giant stag party, and the place is getting a real reputation for it too...

Date visited: 25th May 2007

Review by Tiger Pup on 25th May, 2007

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Cider was lovely, and so were we. :-)

Date visited: 01/05/07

Review by lovestospooge on 20th May, 2007

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well, what can i say about Brandy Wharf. this was once the best place to be on a warm summers day, great atmosphere, fantastic cider and mead, but most of all the lovely sausages have always been available!,. the only drawback is the landlord, he has ruined the place!!!!!. my advice for campers is, go to KIRTON LINDSEY the butcher who supplies the sausages to the cider centre is situated there and buy your own (much, much, cheaper!!), also if you go to MORRISONS, you can buy the same flagons of cider at less than half the price.

Review by chris/chris marshall on 7th May, 2007

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we went to brandy wharf last night (after reading the reviews with trepidation)we arrived 2mins before the kitchen was supposed to close but the landlord said as he had just took another persons order it would be fine he was very nice and accomadating, nothing was too much trouble, the meal was excellent did not take long, they even served another customer after us long after kitchen was closed. we shall definetly be returning the cider was good as well

Date visited: 6 may 2007

Review by Soraya on 4th September, 2006

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After spending the weekend camping with friends we decided to go over to the cider centre on Saturday night for some food and a drink. I have to say i have never met such a rude landlord in all my life. After complaining to the waitress about my food and asking her to take it back and that i would like a refund i then sat for a further twenty minutes with no response and when i asked again was told to see the manager i was then spoken to with no respect and told that all the food was out of the same pot so what could be the problem. I was then asked by the landlord if everyone else's food was ok and i told him this was irrelevant to me and that as i was not satisfied with the quality of my food i wanted a refund. I remained polite throughout but have to say he was rude, patronising and had no people skills whatsoever. I had to battle with him to get a refund which he did eventually give me. My friends were then asked if one of the drinks they were purchasing was for me which leads me to presume i would of been refused if i had attempted to go to the bar. I will not be returning.

Date visited: 01/09/06

Review by grufty buggers on 31st August, 2006

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I have visited the cider centre in many occasions and have always found the cider excellent, the surrounding are lovely and the local campsite is brilliant. However the big draw back is the landlord, who attempted to bar a child of 10 for walking in the pub with an unopened packet of crips, pathetic. My friends and I were barred as we arrived at the pub 2 minutes before it opened at 12 for some food. One of my friends who has just sat her licensing exams and runs a bar herself was alarmed at the rules the landlord has made up, for example trying to bar the children for playing on a wet playground, isnt it their choice to get wet! Also he said that all children must be 20ft away from the bar at all times, however was happy to let them in if they were eating food, whcih meant they weren't 20ft away from the bar? it that a licensing rule??

Date visited: 25 August

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