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Reviews of Black Horse, Ingham

Best rates for a Local Hotel

Review by george pertoldi on 28th October, 2012

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Just enjoyed Sunday carvery,excellent food,reasonable prices and very friendly landlord plus attentive staff.Thank you to The Black Horse.

Date visited: 28/10/2012

Review by Liz on 16th February, 2012

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Sorry to say that the main chef did not arrive on that Sunday to do the carvery and the trainee obviously did not get it quite right. It is usually a great meal and good value for money. I am dining there again this Sunday.

Date visited: Feb 2012

Review by david flemingsworth on 1st February, 2012

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we were returning after eating here last time we had business in the area in july of last year. Last time we had homemade bread and olive a great choice of wines, and the food was out of this world. But this time, well, diapointed is not the word, as the manager took great pride in promoting his carvery, we both had one…… Dry over cooked meat, veg like mush, and instant gravy. enough said

Date visited: 29.01.2012

Review by trevor taylor on 20th November, 2011

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wow ,coming home from lincoln i decided to take the scenic route and on passing through ingham i noticed the black horse and with it being such a picturesque looking pub i decided to treat her indoors to a spot of lunch to save her cooking when we arrived home,i opted for the game pie and the duchess opted for scampi both were wolfed down with great gusto,to follow i had treacle sponge and custard (burp)excuse me ,the bride had to refuse a pudding due to over indulging on the bread and butter dished out with the scampi , a pleasant luncheon was had and we will both be returning asap,compliments to the chef and a ten bob tip was left

Date visited: 20 11 2011

Review by Liz on 10th November, 2011

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The new landlord has actually returned this to a traditional pub and fully refurbished the bar servery. The new chef is exceptional and the food is great. As for the comment on the soap in the toilets, as far as I am aware these particular ones were only reopened on that day as they were previously used for storage. The coal fire gives a cosy atmosphere to the bar and the dining area is clean and well set out, Well worth a visit 5 *****

Date visited: 07/11/2011

Review by Francine on 23rd October, 2011

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Used to be a great pub however since the new landlord took over the running of the place, the pub has lost its charm and appeal. I asked him for soap in the toilets but was told that he 'couldn't be bothered'. Food was also great before he took over but now unfortunately it isn't. Shame really as it used to be well organised and well run.

Date visited: 10/09/11

Review by greg on 1st April, 2011

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food fantastic staff polite love place to visit well worth a return visit

Date visited: 23 /03/11

Review by Joan B on 23rd January, 2011

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I wouldn't bother - half the menu they had run out of and when the food did arrive it wasn't very well cooked. My husband had undone fish and I had an over cooked steak. Considering we were the only table occupied in the restaurant the service was very slow.

Date visited: 22/01/11

Review by molly on 7th January, 2011

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not alot to say really, not very nice. As to food award,they dont have one, they have a food hygeine certificate. I think youll find the homemade tartar and food award is at the pub next door. the inn on the green.

Date visited: 22/12/10

Review by jacqueline duck on 12th September, 2009

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I visit Lincolnshire for three days a week due to my job, and out of all the lovely public houses i have been to, The Black Horse at Ingham stands out so much ,that i take my family there on days off. The staff are absolutely lovely, i was struggling with drinks one afternoon to go outside, and they jumped over the bar to assist.As to the gorgeous food, well done i say.Whatever we decide to eat from the menu, it is cooked with precision and pride.It is always presented so professionally. Dont ever order the Haddock and Chips, you will sit there all day eating the home made Tartar Sauce.I do protest at the last review about the food, did they not mention that the Black Horse has recently won a Food award..oh dear

Date visited: 11/09/2009

Review by Laura Ryan on 2nd December, 2008

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my mother always said “Never judge a book by its cover”. I ordered the Steak pie as everything else on the menu seemed so overcomplicated/over compensative/over priced, there is no need to stuff lemon sole with prawns and other things, back to the steak pie and the “hand cut chips” these are the most amazing “hand cut chips” I have ever had….every chip was the same width you know just like ones that had been made with a chipper machine, outstanding. Not only did I wait 35 minutes for my meal but when I received it, it was clear that a piece of puff pastry had been cooked separately and then the “filling” was spooned on to the pastry. I then had a dessert which was average I also had 2 diet cokes in the smallest coke bottles I have ever seen and my friend had one small glass of wine the bill came to an astonishing £47 something. The food is overpriced and I was unimpressed by a loud mouthed waitress boasting of her sexual conquests to another female member of staff, however the service was good and we were mainly served by the managers who were very friendly. I shall be back….but only for a drink as I can get the same at the other local pub for at least £15 cheaper.

Date visited: september

Review by Jacki Carpenter on 24th June, 2008

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A party of three of us, myself, my husband and my disabled mother, had a most enjoyable lunch at The Black Horse. It was a small celebration in advance of my mother's birthday and, as she is wheelchair-bound, it is often difficult to find a suitable place to go for a good meal. We were not disappointed. The food was excellent, the hospitality and atmosphere warm and welcoming, the staff were friendly and efficient and, more importantly, extremely accommodating of our needs for my mother (though not overpoweringly so, thankfully!). It is also worth mentioning that the disabled toilet in such an accessible place was an added bonus. The restaurant was clean, bright and pleasant and we're all hoping we can sit out on the lovely patio on another visit. Though I and my husband live out of the area, we shall definitely visit again - we are all looking forward to it.

Date visited: Sat 21 June 2008

Review by Peter Smith on 29th April, 2008

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IN REPLY TO MR KENT’S LETTER On Friday the 11th April a table off 11 was booked under the name of Wass for an 80th Birthday Meal, on making this booking it was asked if we provided a Gluten Free menu, unfortunately the member of staff that took the booking had not passed this information on to the landlord or the head chef, an amendment is now taking place on the menu which will symbolises the gluten free items, this the Black Horse has held its hands up to and apologised to Mrs Wass for this mistake, we have invited her back for a meal for four people free of charge. After reviewing our CCTV footage, the events of the evening were • 6.20pm – Mrs Wass’s party arrived, they were greeted by a member of staff who asked them if they would like a drink in the lounge area, at this point they were given menu’s. A member of staff also took there drinks order, the drinks were taken to them by 6.29pm • 6.33pm – Mrs Wass’s party was taken to there table upstairs in the main restaurant • 6.40pm – 2 members of staff arrived at the table, one was taking orders for starters, who Immediately took this to the kitchen, whilst the other waitress carried on taking orders for the main courses • 7.00pm – Starters were brought to the table • 7.12pm – Starters finished and plates cleared • 7.15pm – Member of staff takes a drinks order • 7.20pm – Drinks arrive at table from bar • 7.26pm – Food arrives at the table served by two waitresses • 7.37pm – Party of 11 have now all received there meals (Mr Kent – a member of the party was one of the first to get his meal, however he only started to eat his meal at 7.39pm (12 minutes later) as he was waiting for his garlic bread to arrive, which he had been told by a member of staff there had been an earlier issue with) On the chicken order this was taken to be the gluten free meal by the kitchen therefore no salami or ham was added to the sauce, the party did not make it clear who was gluten intolerant • 7.54pm – plates cleared from the table including empty glasses, veg bowls etc. • 8.08pm – A waitress takes the dessert order • 8.28pm – Desserts arrive • 8.53pm – Party leaves after bill being split four ways and leaving a £10.00 tip for the waitresses After receiving Mr Kent’s letter on the 20th April, we investigated his complaint thoroughly by interviewing individual members of staff and reviewing CCTV footage, I also made a phone call to Mrs Wass, who informed me that she did not know that Mr Kent had written a letter, Mrs Wass’s reply was that they enjoyed there evening at the Black Horse and the only member of the party to complain was Mr Kent who complained all evening. At no time did Mr Kent leave his seat or talk to any other person dining in the restaurant. We have spoken to other guests dining in the upstairs restaurant that evening, who all remarked how good it was, and the stunning views the restaurant had to offer. At no time did Mr Kent talk to a member of staff to say he was unhappy with the service he had received The times in Mr Kent’s letter do not agree with our CCTV footage. Mr Kent states in his letter that he is a company director, as I am a company director myself and I had endured the problems that Mr Kent said that he’d had then I would have addressed the situation on the evening in question, I myself was present in the bar and the manager was working in the kitchen, this as due to the restaurant being busy, a total of 59 meals was served between 6.30pm and 9.30pm yet Mr Kent felt it necessary to go home and put a letter on information Britain and not address the issues he said he had on the night MAYBE MR KENT WOULD BE BETTER IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS?

Review by John Kempton on 28th April, 2008

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After reading the highly impressive FoodMonster review of the Black Horse, Ingham in the Lincolnshire Echo some weeks ago, i decided to try the restaurant out myself. My party of 6 (including my two young children) were greeted pleseantly by an attentive waitress, and ushered into a cosy snug/lounge area. The polite bar staff immediately took our drinks order whilst the waitress brought us menu's. We ordered our meals and opted to go straight to our table. We were sat on a traditional wood table near a large window (the view was spectacular)! It was as i gathered a new extension to the restaurant, they have made a wonderful job of keeping it traditional but also its: clean, beautifully lit, and really well laid up. ...So far, so good. Our meals arrived 25minutes later, and the FM was not wrong, everything was so fresh and cooked superbly. Our table was cleared within 3minutes of us finishing our meals, and the polite and helpful waitress offered us Desserts and Stokes "proper" Coffee's. My wife had the cheesecake and raved about how good it was, my children both had the Homemade Fresh Peach and Plum Crumble with Devon custard...the table went very quiet for several minutes!! We paid the very reasonable bill, and left. The atmosphere in The Black Horse is warm and inviting, i have already made another reservation to return and have recommended the Gastro-Pub to many of my friends allready. Definately a 9/ was busy. Can't wait to try out the rest of the menu!

Date visited: 26 April 2008

Review by Tereza Ettrick on 28th April, 2008

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In January this year myself and my family went to "The Inn on the Green" for an evening meal. I am saddened to say that my experience was appauling, and put me off eating in the area ever again. However, recently my partner and I were invited to dinner with friends at the Black Horse. Of course, I was skeptical at first, but in the end we went. I was impressed beyond words. The soup of the day was tremendous, and the sirlois steak was astounding, coupled with a port and stilton sauce, I couldn't have had anything better. The staff were friendly, the service was fast, and it was a very enjoyable evening on all parts. I would happily recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a good meal, and look forward to returning in the near future.

Date visited: 16th april

Review by W Kent on 20th April, 2008

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On Friday the 18th April a table for 11 was booked under the name of Wass this was for my mothering laws 80th Birthday. I am sorry to say but the evening was a total disaster due to the totally unacceptable service that your “restaurant” endeavoured to provide. We arrived at 6:20pm for a table booked at 6:30pm and we were ushered in to a small dark area that was very cramped to say the least, as there were 11 in our party. We had booked the Black Horse as we were told by the staff, they could provide a gluten free menu, (something printed to look at) but I am saddened to say this never happened and after making enquires we were reeled off a few dishes by the waitress, so the person requiring the meal was just left guessing. After standing for some 15/20 minutes or more we were asked if we were ready to order or would we like to order in the restaurant, we foolish chose the restaurant. We were shown to our seats, and sat there for another 20 minutes. We then placed the orders. Then the real issues started the service was abysmal some of the party were getting food and finishing while others were kept waiting and I had not even started my main meal which was served some 15 minutes after every one else in the party, and then the staff forgot the side orders and garlic bread, by the time the meal was eventually served the chicken had gone cold, to our misfortune some of the party ordered a sweet this took some 30 minutes to arrive at the table (it was only ice cream) if fact each course took well over 40 minutes to arrive and some like me a lot longer. The table was only partly cleared between courses leaving a steam of dirty crockery to fight our way round. The food quality was only average..if that, as my meal was meant to be Chicken with salami and ham, what is was meant to be it certainly was not, besides being cold due to the excessive waiting there was one very small crunched up piece of ham on a plate of cold chicken. Other guests were also complaining and people were kept waiting so long that they moved from table to table to compare issues with the restaurant, the main utterance around the dining room was “never again”. All Very poor indeed. I did mention our dissatisfaction to your staff but nothing was done. We did notice the many empty tables so your staff were not over worked, may be the empty tables are “a sign of thing to come”. We paid the bill totalling circa £200 and promptly left some three or more hours after entering. As a company director I was looking for a good restaurant to entertain clients spending thousands of pounds each year, I am saddened to say your restaurant will be one I will not be frequenting again.

Date visited: 18/4/08

Review by Anon on 21st March, 2008

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I have been to both of the pubs in Ingham on a number of occasions and have always found the food at The Black Horse to be far more superior than the other pub, the staff are extremely friendly and the food is excellent value for money. Congratulations to all at the Black Horse on there superb new restaurant and wish you all success for the future.I will definately be back

Date visited: 1st March 2008

Review by Gary on 8th February, 2008

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The wait excessive, the service poor, the bar staff dire, the ambiance wanting, the tables to big, the chairs to small, the table height to chair height ratio was uncomfortably dreadful, the table beside the only toilets was awful, the single course order wrong, the steak smelling of fish - All for a princely sum of over £40 - at least the cider and glass of wine were OK - we won't be back, but we will try the other village pub to see if its as bad!!!!!!!!!! Somehow we don't think it is possible!!!!!!!!!

Date visited: 08/02/08

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