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Reviews of Nut Tree Inn, Murcott

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Review by Sue Boughton on 3rd July, 2011

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Where do I start? Deliciously, fantastic food. Delightfully attentive, friendly and beautifully mannered staff. Wonderful ambience, setting and oh so comfy. Always the same exceptional standard on every visit. Our private comment is, even if you try and order something you don't usually like, you'll like it here. Thank you for being that somewhere special to visit, and take friends to. Sue (Geoff and Di's family)

Date visited: 2nd July 2011

Review by Martin on 31st May, 2011

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Living not far from the Nut Tree, this is not the first time we have visited - having been there for both evening meals and lunches. I am highly critical of restaurant food and service, but the Nut Tree is the only place I have eaten at, that I can honestly say is without fault. The food, the environment, the staff are just superb - that is why I now won't eat anywhere else. Yesterday there were six of us having lunch and I ordered the ploughmans, followed by the sticky toffee pudding. How a ploughman could be expected to appreciate the homemade breads, pate, smoked salmon, pickles, cheese and salad - one can only wonder. And the desert was to die for. And the prices are really not much more than you'd pay elsewhere, but here you certainly get what you pay for. I cannot recommend this place highly enough - we will return, and keep returning.

Date visited: 30 May 2011

Review by Camille Horn on 15th November, 2010

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We have been once for our wedding anniversary one year ago and we were very much impressed by the quality of the food, but a bit disappointed by the venue. It has been refurnished and redecorated since then, and I must stay the place does fit to the food now, both are high levels! Warm welcome, irreprochable service, delicious and creative food, and absolutely stunning desserts! This chef is a genius! Can't wait to go back again. For me to include in the top 5 of the best retaurants in Oxfordshire.

Date visited: October 2010

Review by eglantine HALLO on 14th November, 2010

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amazing food great service very friendly and love the setting would definately come again!

Date visited: 27/10/2010

Review by christine hallo on 14th November, 2010

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It was my first time at the nut tree. we were a party of 6 and chose "le menu dégustation" ou "menu gastronomique" . I really enjoyed it. everything was perfect, even the bread. the desserts were unbeleivable! all the staff was very nice with us. no complain and I hope it will be as good next time I go as I intend to go back. from a french visitor!

Date visited: 27th october

Review by Elliot Tosh on 10th September, 2010

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Originally for a business meeting,I was visiting the Nuttree. I arrived midday, was greeted by charming staff, and was seated with just a juice, due to it only being lunchtime and awaited my guest. When we were both present we were seated at the table with menus. We had cheese sticks, and after ordering given bread, something many places now charge for. Beautifully made! As we waited on starters we began our meeting. Starters arrived. Stunning presentation,lovely flavours. By the time we had finished the starters the meeting was over, the atmosphere,the music, the service,just felt homely, we didn't want to work. We enjoyed our mains best end of lamb, perfectly pink, with rich fondant potato and a light thyme sauce, my friend had a Dexter sirloin steak with triple cooked chip,proper pub food he said! we had a cheese plate, again lovely, nice portion, but too full to have dessert.Finally coffee. What a Fantastic discovery! The only negative thing i would say, is don't go there for a meeting, you just won't accomplish any thing.I will definetly be returning, i think i may even wear slippers!

Date visited: 3/9/2010

Review by Barry Baker on 26th August, 2010

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We had a booking made by friends and, having read the reviews, cancelled but met there anyway. It looked OK and had a fine selection of good ales, not frozen stuff as so many Pubs offer now, so we stayed for lunch. Set lunch 3 courses £18 and not at all bad, slightly expensive for a pub lunch maybe but it was three courses. Service was fine, tables of good size, I hate being cramped round a too small table. Wine not at killer prices unless you wished it. They have a couple of magnums of Bordeau listed at quite realistic prices I thought and "ordinary" wines for about £17.00 upwards. Actually a fine selection. They did a bit of the "is everything OK?" stuff but far rather that than no-one in sight. Certainly nothing to whinge about as some of the previous reviews note. I think we'd qualify as experienced diners without being too pretentious, we have wielded a keen knife & fork in a significant number of places around the world and been to a number of Michelin starred restaurants. I'd have to try the evening thrash before making meaningfull comment on that aspect. I certainly recommend it for a try. Nothing ventured.........

Date visited: 26/08/2010

Review by Tess on 22nd August, 2010

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Michelin is no longer a reliable source even in France! This place couldnot decide if it was a brasserie or fine dining; unimaginative, overcooked in parts, leaden. Quite pretentious. Mushroom soup amuse bouche has been done to death in recent decades across UK & here it was not that well cooked. Choc chip cookies as petit fours was a weird choice and anyway tastless. Starter; lobster with cream cheese and mango tasteless and not a clever combo. Torchon foie gras too big a portion. 'Cucumber gazpacho consomme' dish betrays a lack of chef's skill and learning. Gazpacho is always with cucumber and is certainly not a consomme. Beef dish main was supposed to be Chateaubriand (not as advertised on the restaurant website) but came with Tarragon butter which anyone can do at home, I would rather have had the traditional red wine demi glace or bearnaise sauce which difficult for average home chef to make. Also, the mains too big and heavy. We none of us had room or interest for desert. Decor/artwork & outdoor space are a bit naff looking which is a tell tale sign of chefing artistry and technique, in my view. Service was slightly strange. Maitre D' seemed out of his depth. Other waiters were either fine or tired. Certain refinements/discretions lacking. Murcot village is very dreary.

Date visited: August 2010

Review by SA on 9th August, 2010

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We wanted to go somewhere special for lunch outside of London and decided upon The Nut Tree in Murcott. I have to say I have never had such a bad dining experience ever! The service was downright shoddy and substandard! Examples of the poor service are : •We were told we were early for our 1.30pm booking (even though we planned to be so we could have a drink before lunch) •We were rushed to our table 10 minutes early despite asking to remain outside until 1.30pm. •A tiny portion of butter was served between 6 people, we had to ask repeatedly ask for more butter which subsequently arrived during the main course. •A request for parmesan (for risotto), lead to the waiter giving us a condescending explanation of rennet and a cow dying for the cheese to be made! This was a swipe at the vegetarian diner in our party and totally unnecessary. This man had no right to be so rude; we noted this but made no comment as we did not want o spoil lunch. The food was ok but nothing befitting a place awarded a Michelin star, some of the dishes lacked imagination and creativity and tasted rather bland. We did inform the waitress that the risotto was rather bland and she took it on board. We were given our bill and told not to ever come back because we made a negative comment about the food! This was outrageous and we requested to the see the owner who came out asking us to pay our bill and leave his establishment! All attempts at trying to engage him were shouted down and to be honest he was rather threatening. I wonder if his attitude would have been different if we had men in our party. The Nut Tree ruined what should have been a very special day yesterday; the owner approached us like a threatening lout who cannot take any criticism of his food and deals with his customers by intimidation and his waiter was abhorrent. The only positive thing I can say was that the young dark haired waitress was lovely and accommodating.

Date visited: 8.8.10

Review by c. kolodny on 10th February, 2010

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Was based at Upper Heyford at the time. Lived in Merton which was home to the wonderful free house, The Plough, landlord Lou Bevan, Hookie 35p. I lived next door. For a special meal or just a different ale, I maneuvered the curvy, foggy road through the Otmoor to the Nut Tree, owned and commandeered by the great Gordon and his wife. The ale, the blazing fire and the "blue" fillets were beyond reproach. I was indeed a regular and Captain's pay was freely spent. A miracle I was never 'done' on the way back home.On a holiday trip back to the U.K. in 2004, I was sadly disappointed by the vast revision in the layout of the bar and restaurant. It just was not the same. Glad to see that things are back to normal. Gordon is smiling. Dr. Carter Kolodny, U.S.A.F Ret.

Date visited: 1980-83

Review by Helen and Gary on 6th February, 2010

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We returned to the Nut Tree once again,(6th visit) this time with my boss and her husband as we knew we could trust that the food and service would be exceptional. We yet again were not disappointed in either - a fantastic evening was had by all our guests can't wait until the next visit. The gluten free diet was catered for with ease and overall the evening was highly enjoyable and the food amazing. Highly recommended as always.

Date visited: 05.02.10

Review by anonymous on 27th January, 2010

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I personally think 'Donald' who left his negative review in May (see below)needs to get in the real world. The Nut Tree is amazing, (and yes I have also eaten in many outstanding restaurants all round the world Donald). If you want a warm, friendly evening with exceptionally talented staff, visit the Nut Tree and don't be put off by the Donald's of this world who would pick fault if their carrot was the wrong shade of orange.

Date visited: many times

Review by sarah crimp on 5th November, 2009

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Stunning! my fella booked us a table for the 29th, i was soooooo excited, we sat in this small corner which looked into the whole restaurant it was wicked. we started with bread, honestly the bread is to die for, especially with the british butter. i then had parfait, and my boyfriend had salmon,home smoke! incredible, and wicked combo with the horseradish cream. we both then had beef cook medium rare, both perfection, with huge golden crunchie onion rings, and then to finish a simple creme brulee, no complaints. every thing was perfect the meal the company and finally the price. recommend it to any one, how ever wouldn't go if you argue with your partner or have had a bad day becuse you'll ruin something beautiful, the nut tree inn.

Date visited: 29, october

Review by Paul I on 30th October, 2009

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I was taken there last night, never having heard of it, & having no expectations. I've just looked at this site for the first time, & I find some of the comments baffling. Either there are two Nut Trees, or it's extraordinarily variable. Our service was informal, but efficient. One of our party was physically handicapped, & the staff were tremendously helpful. Our handicapped companion eats slowly, & did not want a starter, & we asked if her main course could be brought early, if possible, rather than with the other courses. This was done, with a smile: it arrived a little after our starters, & she was able to enjoy it at her own pace. Another one of our party asked if she could have the mushroom risotto main as a starter. Again, no problem. A third wanted his venison well done - and it was. Not overdone, mind you: the very slightest touch of pinkness still. He was pleased. Slightly larger portions would have been nice, one of our party thought his cinnamon ice cream a little strongly flavoured, & I found my cranberry souffle (beautifully light in texture, by the way) a little overwhelmed in flavour by the other elements of my pudding, but otherwise, we were all perfectly content with our food.

Date visited: 29-10-2009

Review by tubs on 26th July, 2009

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Have just returned from Sunday lunch at the Nut Tree. Not sure why there all the negative comments. Our experience was just the opposite. We had a warm welcome, service was efficient and friendly and the food superb, especially the roast beef. Good wines by the glass. It's ridiculous to compare it to the excellent Manoir (which we've also been to) This is a PUB which happens to serve very good food. Will certainly return and recommend it to friends.

Date visited: 26/07/09

Review by Claire on 12th July, 2009

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Visited the Nut Tree last night, food was fantastic, service was just right (no pushiness or over the top "is everything ok??) Had a lovely evening - not sure who is leaving the negitive reviews but suggest you stick to your restaurants in London - we like the Nut Tree just the way it is!! Great food at a good price

Date visited: 11/07/2009

Review by Tim P on 2nd June, 2009

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As it was our wedding anniversary we thought we would make use of a babysitter and treck out to the much heraldd Nut Tree. We have been fortunate to eat in many Michelin starred restaurants over the years, 1 2 & 3 star. We have always found them too formal (except Fat Duck) and too stuffy - constant hovering of waiting staff, non stop "is the food OK?" "yes,its Michelin starred so it had better be!!". The Nut Tree is the complete opposite. Informal - you can pretty much wear what you feel comfortable in - great surroundings and young but friendly and efficient staff that allow you to dine and enjoy your meal without the regular interruptions. It all adds up to a relaxed environment that just adds to what the owners have tried to create. We found the food to be good value and extremely tasty. We will go again for sure.

Date visited: 30/05/09

Review by Donald S on 19th May, 2009

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Disappointing. Informal service translates to sloppy (3 requests and 30 mins to get bread on the table and a rebuke from the manager for asking for a third time), arrogant and the cooking is significantly less than a Michelin star should guarantee. Foie Gras with rhubarb doesn't work, the rhubarb masks the flavour and texture of the foie gras. Scallops were like rubber, very poor. Goat's cheese puree was OK, but goats cheese not my favourite anyway, so difficult for me to rate reasonably. Sea bass was cooked to perfection, although my partner felt it was a tad overdone. Slow cooked limousin beef cooked to leather & sauce from stock cubes - no pleasure whatsoever. Baked chocolate tart dessert was fine, with rich chocolate flavour. Panna cotta was leaden - surprisingly poorly executed. Accompanying sorbet (lime & coconut) was bland and without the edge required to cut the thick jelly of the panna cotta. Wine by the glass was good, the Montepulciano was light and cleansing, the claret rich and full and the Sauternes was the highlight of the meal (i.e. made elsewhere), rich & sweet with good botrytis character. Overall, the quality is not terrible for the price of the food, but the food is not of Michelin star quality.

Date visited: 15/05/09

Review by Phil Travers on 17th May, 2009

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The menu is quite imaginative, I'll give them that, but they magically make the actual food unimpressive and dare I say it, bad. Regardless of the price, the main course was terrible, not only was it cold but the ingredients were cremated and the fish was far from fresh. The Nut Tree fails to serve either decent, honest pub food, or pretentious haute cuisine. I suppose the star chef must have taken ill during my visit, must have tried some of their own acclaimed cuisine. Avoid at all costs.

Date visited: 14/05/2009

Review by Tracey Jefferies on 8th May, 2009

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So many people want top dollar service or product but don't want to pay for it - it drives me nutty! Take musicians - many have degrees and have spent longer than most medical students honing their craft. People say they 'love' live music but begrudge paying to listen. Do they think muscians can afford to pay for nothing? Yes, you've guessed it, my husbands a musician... I have visited The Nut Tree twice now and have just booked again. The food is excellent quality, the service consistently friendly & welcoming and there is a great atmosphere. True, it's not as cheap as some places but it is well worth saving to go there as a special treat. If you dine out merely to be fed you might can always try Macdonalds where £10 can leave you heaving (in more ways than one?) - dining at The Nut Tree is meant to be an 'experience', not merely an opportunity to stoke up body fuel. In my opinion this is one of the top 3 eateries in Oxford. Go see for yourself! Tracey Jefferies

Date visited: 4.4.09

Review by jennifer birrell on 19th April, 2009

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Oh, how I wished we had read some of the Information Britain Reviews prior to dining at the Nut Tree Inn, instead of relying only on our trusted Michelin Guide. This place does not warrant in any way a 2009 Michelin Star. All the individual review criticisms as listed here were well documented and nearly exactly what we too experienced. They are all in my view, totally unbiased and correct assessments. So I feel no need to re-iterate in detail, but please be aware the food is inferior, has very slow service, the menu is over-priced and certainly not worth a visit.

Date visited: 16/04/2009

Review by Helen and Gary on 14th April, 2009

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This is a fantastic place to eat, the food is unbeatable and the ambience and welcome from the staff is amazing. All those negative reviews on here dumbfound me. Mike and Imogen run a fantastic business here and really care about their customers.They absolutely deserve their Michelin Star. All I can say to those people who have left negative feedback is, I am glad you won't be back, because it leaves us more of a chance of getting a table !!

Date visited: 13th March 2009

Review by martin on 11th April, 2009

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How this place got a michelin star is a bit of a mystery, the inspector must have visited on a very good day, we went, sat down at the dirty table with splashes of someone else's food on the salt and pepper pots, a dead fly above our heads, dirty flowers and a table cloth jammed in the patio doors to stop the draught, we then went through the tester menu which was all basic and most of it with the wrong cutlery !! I think they would definitley lose the start if they get revisited, think twice before you go there.

Date visited: 10/04/2009

Review by Mr T.J.Roper MBE on 23rd March, 2009

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I decided to give my wife a break from cooking an evening meal and visit the Nut Tree in Murcott. We live only a few miles away but had not been there for about 10years. I telephoned to check on when the last dinner order would be taken and left a message. My call was duly returned by an enthusiastic member of staff who booked a table for me. We arrived and enjoyed a pre dinner drink that was a bit expensive. 3pounds for a pint of Hooky and 5.50 for a PinotGrigo but the pleasant and comfortable surroundings made up for this.We had no idea that this establishment had a michelen star. We ordered the same meal.Diver caught scallops to start followed by brill with vegetables. This was to be washed down with a bottle of Chilean savignonblanc. The ambiance was very good and we were showed to our table that was neatly laid out with crisp white knapkins and table cloth. Our starter arrived and looked very pretty but for 10 pounds a portion I was expecting more than 1 scallop and two very tiny pieces on an apple puree. Having devoured this in two bites we waited for the main course with anticipation. It duly arrived and again was well presented. small fillet of brill on a bed of four potato slices and some minature broccoli or purple sprouting. The brill was full of flavour but again the dish was not robust enough to satisfy more than a sparrows appetite.At 17 pounds a portion we expected more. We commented to the waitress that although the food was excellent the quantity left a lot to be desired. Our overall impression was that the courses were overpriced and the portions far too small. Even after eating all six slices of assorted bread we were still hungry. The service was excellent and the wine served at the right temperature. If this is michelen star portions I think I will opt for somewhere not so pretentious. We have eaten in less pricey but equally as good establishments and have our hunger satisfied for half the price. Or take some sandwiches to eat afterward. I would not be inclined to revisit.

Date visited: 2009-03-13

Review by steve on 13th March, 2009

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I have visited the Nut Tree several times and have always been impressed by the quality of the food and the attentiveness of the staff.I have eaten at a number of so-called top quality restaurants but consider the Nut Tree to be my restaurant of choice. This is a pub that provides quality food at reasonable prices and fully deserves its star. Several of my friends and business colleagues have also visited and have been surprised and delighted by the food and atmosphere. It's fantastic food, fantastic value and worth its Michelin Star.

Date visited: several

Review by John Cunningham on 9th March, 2009

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I had lunch at The Nut Tree on 19th September, 2008 and based on that experince was surprsied at the award of a Michelin star. In the belief that post the award of a Michelin star food quality would have improved, together with a friend I had lunch at The Nut Tree on 9th March. What a mistake. We were taken to a table in the conservatory - hot and in full sun. We asked for another table and were then accommodated at a table in the main restaurant for which we were most grateful. We took two courses from the set menu. Welsh Rarebit - very poor and accompanied by a few Teso type leaves smothered in oil. Main course of braised beef - tasteless Staff were attentive to what one would call "pub" standard. Still question how such an establishement can possibly qualify for a Michelin star. Two very disappointing meals - will not return again.

Date visited: 9/03/2009

Review by Susan Jones on 24th February, 2009

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Clearly the standard at the Nut Tree varies. I arranged a dinner for some old friends and set out with high hopes having read the reviews and seen the notice about the Michelin star. Sadly we must have arrived on an 'off' night. I asked to see the set menu which was promoted on the website and in the main menu as available in the evenings, to be told by the waitress that she would ask in the kitchen. She returned to say we could have butternut squash soup as a starter and duck as a main. I pointed out that as 2 of the party were vegetarians this wasn't very attractive. She replied that she would ask. She returned to say we could have butternut squash risotto as a main. In the end we had the soup which was fine, a pleasant creamed spinach on potato rosti and a really excellent chocolate tart which was the only option for dessert. I do take the point about comparing The Nut Tree to Le Manoir which has 3 stars and is quite a different thing but I was embarrassed at taking my friends there and I don't think I would risk it again.

Date visited: 9 February 2009

Review by Catherine Jones on 2nd February, 2009

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Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Nut Tree and all their staff on their hard work and well deserved Michelin Star. I have used the Nut Tree as my local pub for many years now and despite the idea that the regular drinkers will no longer be wanted I can say to that...Rubbish! Secondly, all negative views and snooty people are what gives the Michelin status a bad name. The Nut Tree is a LOCAL PUB that serves good food, they got their Michelin Star serving the food they do in an informal, relaxed and friendly environment. And for anyone to compare them to Le Manoir is ridiculous. If you want silverwear and crystal glasses in a formal environment then that is the place for you.

Date visited: all the time

Review by Laura on 1st February, 2009

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What a delightful find. We'd heard many great things about this place and decided to book for dinner following their recent Michelin star. We weren't disappointed. Attentive service but not overly formal, they welcomed us like long lost family! The food was wonderful, beautiful flavours and presentation. It's definitely a place to go for informal charm and top quality food in a country pub. We've already booked for another evening and look forward to trying the menu en surprise.

Date visited: 31 January 2009

Review by antonia smythe on 31st January, 2009

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Fantastic evening!!!! - What a find!!!! The perfect combination of an english country pub with mind blowing food! High end London standard food at ridiculous prices with wonderfully friendly & efficient service right in the heart of bliss....thank you so much! Menu En Surprise - Awesome!!!! eight degustation courses of pure culinary heaven!!! -Absolutely no idea where to start in describing them! return trip already booked.....Michelin Star well deserved guys!!!

Date visited: 30 jan 2009

Review by judith ghilks on 31st January, 2009

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Exceptional evening - wonderful pub with spectacular food - degustation menu of superlative quality - totally delightful & efficient service -unbelievable prices - high end London eating in a charming Oxfordshire pub - utter heaven, what more could you want?

Date visited: 30th Jan 2009

Review by Ryan on 29th January, 2009

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Wonderful restaurant. We've visited many times and the Michelin star is a well deserved accolade. The service is friendly and unstuffy, something which many other restaurants could learn from. Definitely a cut above your standard gastro pub. We feel warmly welcomed and the food is of an excellent standard. I would definitely recommend the Nut Tree pork from their own pigs. And the sticky toffee pudding is a real treat. It's certainly a favourite amongst us and our friends and we look forward to many more visits.

Date visited: 25/01/08

Review by Jay Thomas on 24th January, 2009

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Heard about the recent Michelin star and decided to try it. Triple cooked chips tasted of burnt oil, starters were very bland. Fish and risotto were very tasty (the only thing). Service was absolutely abysmal. This restaurant gives Michelin a bad name. Definitely not recommended.

Date visited: 24 January 2009

Review by Alex Seyer on 24th January, 2009

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Never Again! After passing the Nut Tree Inn many times in the past, and at a loss on where to take the family for the weekend, I decided to book a table for lunch. On arriving we noticed the large 'Michelin Man' drawn on the chalk board, surrounded by congratulations cards, such an accolade promising a menu of a certain standard. We arrived for 12:00, and as there were no other guests at that time, we were quickly served with drinks. The food order was taken 20 minutes after arrival, the staff explaining that the menus needed to be changed. By 12:50 we were still stood waiting to be seated, the bar was filling but the restaurant was still empty. The food orders were taken but we were told again to wait to be seated, finally at 1PM we were invited to sit down and were given bread. The bread itself was all well and good, but we had to wait another 15 minutes before the starters arrived. Simple, cold starters that should never need 90 minutes to prepare; we thought it might have been worth the wait! The chicken liver parfait and foie gras were unimaginatively presented and failed to rise beyond mediocre, at this point I ordered another round of drinks. After another 20 minutes, the main course arrived, sans drinks, I politeley reminded the waitress and she said they were 'on their way'. The Main course- the beef was very flavoursome, well aged, but not much that this, a shrivelled pale tomato and some potatoes soured in burnt oil. As the mains were removed the drinks arrived. 2 chances given, both failed; needless to say desserts were not ordered. I can only hope that the Nut Tree eventually gets over their post star hangover and concentrates on making some decent food. Meanwhile I shall be taking my business contacts to the Manoir to remember what real food tastes like.

Date visited: 23/01/2009

Review by Ed Hazell on 14th November, 2008

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Had a wonderful meal here on a quiet Monday night. The food was beautifully conceived and executed well. Everything on the plates worked together brilliantly, and even the simplest of componenets were delicious and added to the overall experience. Service was relaxed and friendly -- casual in the best possible way. I'd be interested to see how this would translate to a busier eveing when more tables were occupied. As I intend going back (several times) I'll probably get the chance to ofind out! I short, just the kind of unstuffy yet highly accomplished meal that great dining ought to imply, but so rarely does in England.

Date visited: 10/11/2008

Review by Tania Oh on 3rd June, 2008

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Excellent food. we had smoked salmon, lobster, foie gras for starters and they were amazing. lobster meat was firm and sweet. as good lobsters are meant to be! Mains were brilliant, even the simple salmon fishcakes were well done and the accompanying spinach was lovely. Pudding was out of the world. STicky toffee pudding, cheese, chocolate cake is amazing. the menu hasn't changed since we last went a month and a half ago and although selection is few, the food is very good quality. Bread/butter is of good quality and this place is a gem. Service is always welcoming and with a smile. Definitely a must go. A hidden secret indeed.

Date visited: 31st May 2008

Review by Tania Oh on 3rd June, 2008

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Forgot to add, the pigs and toys in the garden are fantastic. My daughter had a fab time entertaining herself whilst we tucked into the food. very very child friendly place!

Date visited: 31st May 2008

Review by Kiren Puri on 24th March, 2008

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After being unable to secure a table at another restaurant, we drove the hour from Readitng to eat at the Nut Tree. I won't deny it, I'm a food and wine snob, and look for faults wherever I go, which is the totally wrong attitude to have in as wonderful establishment as this pub. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with genuine smiles and friendliness. Imogen is just the ultimate face for front of house, and her omnipresence ensured and incredible, yet not overbearing in any way, atmosphere for all diners. Four starters were ordered, and were eaten with accompanying "wows" and "oooohs". Mother even stated that it was the second best starter she had ever eaten, reserving first place for a dish of her sons', so maybe not totally unbiased. The main courses were delivered, and you can just look at the plate and see why these two won a Michelin star at their last places, exceptional ingredients, dealt with by the surest touch of an extremely competent chef. We finished with a French/English cheese board that included a couple of ideal offerings. No Epoisses, for instance, but a perfectly ripe Stinking Bishop. Cheese for 3 came to £8. We almost felt that we should point this out when the bill was eventually requested, but figured Imogen knew what she was doing. A small but imaginagive wine list includes Premier Cru Chablis, Mersault old vine and a wonderful Puligny-Montrachet that we couldn't resist sampling by the half bottle between us. Rambling complete, I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it. However, please don't go with the wrong attitude, because you will feel bad when you leave, having made 2 wonderful new friends. Ask them about the pigs and the tractor, and you'll see that the forgotton dream of 'The Good Life' can be made a reality, in the most unlikely of locations.

Date visited: 24th March 2008

Review by Gorgeous on 12th March, 2008

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The food is fabulous, service outstanding and wine list to compliment. Excellent value for money. I thoroughly recommend the sticky toffee pudding!

Date visited: 12.03.08

Review by John Thorpe on 29th February, 2008

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We booked The Nut Tree Inn not knowing the area for a family celebration. The personal thought, care and attention of Imogen & Mike to the requirements of our family, including two vegans, was so re-assuring that we arrived from Sheffield, London, Poole etc in complete confidence. Fourteen of us ages ranging from 6 weeks to 70 were made most welcome and served an excellent meal in a separate room on the groundfloor by very friendly staff

Date visited: 10.02.2008

Review by Pete on 13th November, 2007

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Good Food, great service and worth a trip if you want some decent food at decent prices. This was a repeat visit and we were greeted as regulars, even on the phone. Generous portions but not excessive which meant we could enjoy more courses. Asked for a pudding to be made for my wife who culdn't join us and this was no problem with the chef explining, in person, how to prepare it the next day. Looking for a good excuse to go back. Pete

Date visited: 10/11/2007

Review by Selina White on 23rd February, 2007

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After reading mixed reviews about The Nut Tree before we visited, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect . Well . . . . what a warm and welcoming old pub, in a beautiful setting in a quiet quant village. The owners were very obliging and their staff were most pleasant, efficient and attentive. We had parfait and soup to start, which came with very tasty homemade bread, and we both had traditional sausage and mash to follow, which was most enjoyable. However although the sweets sounded very inviting we were both way to full to try anything else. An excellent lunch! I agree with Jodie’s review and will also be returning very soon with friends

Date visited: 14th February 2007

Review by Jodie on 13th January, 2007

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The pub has a warm feel to it, very friendly staff; made us both feel very welcome. The food WELL that is just amazing, the wine is devine and we will be coming back very soon to visit with friends.

Date visited: 12/01/2007

Review by lynn harvey on 20th December, 2006

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We booked this for a family lunch before Christmas.The service, whilst polite was haphazard, each of the three occupied tables in the conservatory were given the wrong meals at some point.My G&T came with the tonic already added-a pet hate.The main course of roast beef came ready plated, with few vegetables - all roasted, and a cremated yorkshire pudding.To cap it all whilst the bill came promptly on request nobody came to take the payment and we ended up queuing at the bar to pay. Overall I would say that this Pub is striving towards pretensions beyond its capabilities and at £67.00 for two starters and 3 roast beefs(no wine) is vastly overpriced for what is on offer.

Date visited: 17/12/2006

Review by John Walker on 27th November, 2006

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After visitng this exquisite pub in the heart of the Oxfordshire Countryside, i thought it would be my duty to promote the excellence of such a fine dining place. The warm atmosphere, the delicious and delightful food, the friendly yet professional service and peaceful and elegant setting. This place is stunning, the owner's have done a magnificent job here making everyone and anyone feel welcome. It is, however, sad to hear that they are movning on to pastures new, and i wish them the very best on behalf of my family and friends who all agree they will be sorely missed.

Date visited: 19/08/06

Review by Mrs Karen Bentley on 27th September, 2006

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This is not our first visit to The Nut Tree and it won't be our last. The food is wonderful and the staff are great. The owners are extremely friendly and will do anything to help. I would recommend this pub if you want an excellant meal and friendly atmosphere.

Date visited: 08/08/06

Review by Simon Jones on 14th June, 2006

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We thought you might be interested in our impressions of the Nut Tree, Murcott, Oxfordshire. My family and I visited the pub several times, chiefly because it is attractive and served a nice lamb dish. However, the food was mixed. If the "home-made pate" was indeed made in someone's home, that home was probably a long way from the Nut Tree. A dish of "traditional" calves' liver consisted of tough, tasteless strips of said liver smothered in a cloying sauce (out of a packet?). Other dishes we tried were indifferent. But the worst was yet to come. Last month we booked a table for dinner. I ordered a starter and some wine. The starter came, but no wine. A few minutes passed, and I asked the waitress whether the wine was on its way. Yes, she said - but then had to ask me what it was. More time passed. The starter got cold. No wine appeared. Another member of staff came and asked what wine I wanted. I said I'd waited a while, and this was the third time I'd had to ask. Still no wine. Finally, the landlord came over. With an unfriendly look on his face, he asked what wine I wanted. I replied this was the fourth time I'd been asked. To my astonishment, he told me that by pointing out the lack of service I had "upset" two of his staff, and that my family and I should leave immediately. This is a new way of doing business: you provide the customer with virtually no service, and when they dare to say so, you throw them out of the restaurant. Needless to say, our evening was ruined. Best wishes, Simon Jones Oxford

Date visited: 5 May 2006

Review by Elaine and Malcolm on 27th January, 2006

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A superb Sunday lunch. The roast beef was outstanding, excellent beer, memorable thatched pub with charming and attentive staff - highly recommended

Date visited: 22 Jan 2006

Review by Laura C- on 5th May, 2005

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This was a fantastic night, The FOOD was spectacular, even the HAGAS. The hosts were so pleasent. The pub was darling with a thatcted roof and low celings a roaring fire. Every time I have visited its been a pleasent experience, they also have rooms for rent for the night and are willing to cater private events and close for the private event. my rate is 4 stars

Date visited: Burns Night 2004

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