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Reviews of Hill Tavern, Clent

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Review by Sam Mullett on 31st July, 2016

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As the previous review this is the first time I've ever posted an online review but felt I had to as i am so angry. I went into the hill tavern yesterday and made the mistake of going to the toilet before ordering my drink. A large lady ran after me telling me I couldn't use the toilet as I hadn't bought a drink, I told her I was about to and she said yeah that's what they all say. I then told her I wasn't going to use her toilet or buy a drink and would prefer to drink elsewhere. She was so rude I will never buy a drink in the hill tavern again which is a shame as I'm over clent every day with my dogs and do enjoy a drink. I've told my friends to drink elsewhere to. The current managers are running it to the ground and they don't deserve to have any customers. I'm 41 and remember when I was a teenager the hill tavern was the place to be and people were spilling out all over the hill, it was a great pub to go to. The place is a gold mine, it just needs to be run by decent polite people not a bunch of rude muppets. I went to the French hen down the road and had a really nice time.

Date visited: 30/7/2016

Review by Walker on 10th June, 2016

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I went to the this pub today and was met by the same rudeness and aggressiveness as these other comments clearly state. (It did involve the toilet) A comment was made by me after accepting that I could not use the toilet, where I just said i'll have to drink less then while walking (without any annoyed tone, just a passing comment to a friend- we had a long walk ahead!). It was misheard and they thought I had said I would drink less on returning. "Do not bother coming back" the bar lady shouted as I left and walked away, which a friend of mine heard and turned back to ask if she really said that (hoping it was a mistake!). It seems it wasn't a mistake and they said they were sick of our smart arse comments. It was uncalled for and consequently they lost the custom of a big group of people. Instead we went to the Fountain where we had a great time and without asking, offered to fill up water bottles. Completely different experience. This place gets my first even complaint online - as I do not like to complain. However today they crossed the line.

Date visited: 10th June 2016

Review by Jon on 5th June, 2016

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After climbing Clent, l went in with my 4 year old son. He was desperate for the toilet and I did want a drink as well. A barmaid with serious attitude told me to buy a drink first. If you're a parent reading this, I don't need to write any more. This attitude cannot be defended. Needless to say I walked out, went next door to the 4 Stones where the behaviour was completely different. My son was able to use the toilet and I purchased a soft drink and was on my way again. Shocking behaviour from this place. Stay away!!

Date visited: 4th June 2016

Review by M Poynter on 2nd January, 2016

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I have never been so poorly treated in my life. Visiting England from overseas, three of my local pals promised to show me around some of the sights of Clent. After visiting The Vine and The Fountain, we opened the door to the Hill Tavern for another round. My friend Fred asked for a glass of tap water as he was driving. With hundreds of Britons a year being killed or injured from drink driving one would think the staff would encourage this. The bar lady immediately demanded cash for the tap water in an importunate tone. Fred mentioned that it was a legal requirement of bars to provide free tap water if selling alcohol but the lady dismissed this with a wave of the hand. It is understandable if a group of patrons were to come in all wanting free water and the bar staff could stand to lose money, but the remaining three of us were to be drinking beers and thereby contributing money to the establishment. Fred explained this in a polite and reserved manner, but it was no use. The lady behind the bar flew off the handle, taking Fred's friendly reminder as a personal insult. Within ten seconds of entering The Hill Tavern we were forcibly ejected by the furious bar lady. Even though we had respectfully tried to explain our point with the appropriate level of respect and calmness she threw us out in an unnecessary display of aggression. Insult was added to injury when a drunken old man, possibly one of the management, followed us out to slur a series of threats for us to leave. Much like his coworker he was utterly unwilling to listen to our entreaties. The fact that all we wanted was to give them business with the very reasonable request of tap water for the driver and what we got in return was a bracingly rude experience means that none of us will ever return to patronise this pub. We went down to the French Hen for a couple of rounds and had a very polite and friendly reception. Unscrupulous staff of the Hill Tavern, a pox on you, and all of your line. M. Poynter 2016

Date visited: 2 jan 16

Review by Penny Trinder on 8th August, 2014

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My husband and I had decided to take a walk on Clent and stop for a bite to eat at the Hill Tavern which we had done before. The pub has been done up very nicely in the last 12 months or so and the last time we popped in it seemed fairly busy and pleasant. Today however the place was deserted apart from a couple having a brief drink outside. Well ours was a very brief drink also as we did not feel welcome in any way. We were served by a very surly young lady who made it seem like she was doing us a favour by serving us. Then we asked about sandwiches and were told in no uncertain terms that no food at all was on offer that day. We sat outside and drank up quickly before walking to the end of the lane to The Fountain where we had a lovely meal and pleasant, cheerful and helpful service. The place was also very busy. Perhaps the people who run The Hill Tavern could take a leaf out of their book and increase takings as a result.

Date visited: 7th August 2014

Review by Jennifer on 20th July, 2014

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We visited today for a quick drink. The barmaid had attitude. If it wasn't for the fact we were thirsty, we'd have just walked off. What is a pub doing hiring a member of staff, that isn't a "people person?!" I worked for nearly 20 years in the hospitality industry & always took a pride in my customer service. She obviously has different ideas. It's a shame, it's in a great location, but we won't be going back again. We'd rather give our customer to a welcoming business, where they hire competabt, friendly staff, who have half a clue how to treat & speak to customers who ultimately pay their wages. Not jumped up little chavs, who need to learn some simple manners. This is the first pub, I have ever been to, & not returned the glasses and rubbish to the bar. I thought she could use the practice!

Date visited: Sun 20th July 2014

Review by Andrew Smith on 22nd July, 2013

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My wife and I have been regulars here for about 15 years a pint on a hot day and lunchtime food every now and then. On our last visit I decided to pop to the toilet before deciding whether we would stop however I was hailed across the pub and told in no uncertain terms toilets are for customers only and would I be buying a drink - well with an attitude like absolutely not and we won't be returning after that rude and humiliating experience.

Date visited: May 2013

Review by James and steph on 8th January, 2013

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Sorry for late review an amazing place. The staff are helpful polite . From the bar staff to the man glass collecting. The bar staff young but mAde visit a pleasure with their helpful nature. The rolls where tasty. Even the glass collector man sPared few minutes to chat to us little things go a long way. Thanks all

Date visited: Boxing day

Review by Cliff Roberts on 1st January, 2013

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When we visited the Hill Tavern I couldn't believe how rude a particular barmaid was. The way she interacted with the customers was downright ignorant Even one of the other barmaids jokingly commented on the way she was treating the customers but I'm afraid that if that is the way customers are treated then it will not be long before the word gets around and the pub will no longer have any trade.There were a number of friends in our group and several of us that went to the bar was treated in the same manner. I can't believe this person even has a job let alone one in a pub where she has to deal with customers I would never visit this pub again. This particular member of staff ought to be ashamed of herself for treating people in such an undignified manner

Date visited: 01/01/13

Review by phil on 5th October, 2012

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i ran the hill tavern for 6 months in 2010,we were always happy to welcome animals and give them water,we infact would put water out every day for pets,also we were always happy for visitors to use the toilet facilities,For the now landlady to state it is national trust rules not to use the toilets is complete rubbish,the only thing the nh state is that people cannot park cars inside the gates

Date visited: 2010

Review by Maria Dunne on 21st July, 2012

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After a long walk round clent, I had run out of water for my dog. I ask at the bar if they would replenish his water bottle with tap water and they refused. I have eaten and drunk in this pub on many occasion and often found the staff to be rude and ignorance. Today's performance tops it all, I will never go there again. A word to the wise ... If you don't like people you should never run a pub!!!

Date visited: 21 July 2012

Review by Izzabelle Carter on 8th July, 2012

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After a nice long walk in the Clent Hills, we decided to have a drink in the Hill Tavern. We entered the pub to find a large selection of drinks as well as two (very well kept) real ales. We were not originally going to eat out as I had prepared food at home, but the smell of the cavery was too tempting. We asked the staff if it would be ok to eat outside with the rest of our family (who were not eating) rather than at the tables set up for the cavery. They happily obliged and by the time we had come back to our table with the food, there were placemats, cutlery and salt & pepper, all waiting for us. Great service. The carvery was the best we've had in years and the vegetables were excelently cooked. We experienced service with a smile. A credit to Clent. We will definitely be returning. 10/10

Date visited: 8th July 2012

Review by Ian on 11th February, 2012

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We had enjoyed a fabulous morning walking with friends on the Clent Hills, a group of about 20. It was our intention at the end of the walk to enjoy a drink and some food at the Hill Tavern but unfortunately one of our group had the same reception as your reviewer Amelia Quirk. She was refused use of the toilet without prior purchase of a drink. When it was politely explained that our group were about to buy drinks and food the staff were rude and continued to refuse access. Our group did not use the Hill Tavern and took our custom the The Vine in Vine Lane, Clent. We received a warm welcome, excellent food and used the toilet prior to purchasing a drink! Hill Tavern, good manners and customer service may result in you having satisfied visitors.

Date visited: 11.02.12

Review by Amelia Quirk on 27th September, 2011

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We went into the Hill Tavern as my 7 year old daughter desperately needed the toilet although I was contemplating buying a drink anyway. However the way we were publicly heckled about whether we did indeed intend to buy a drink while my child clutched herself in pain quickly confirmed my decision. The landlady informed me it was not her problem that my daughter needed the toilet so much that she was in pain, something I did not relish an impressionable child hearing aside from the physical discomfort she was in. She advised me when asked that she is in fact not human and then a burly barmaid appeared and very aggressively started saying that it is the National |Trust's rule that people cannot use the toilet unless they're buying a drink, which if it is the case I would be surprised if that included children who were so close to having an accident it might well have been her problem; and secondly as a member of the NT I will be investigating. I would never ever buy anything from here and in fact this is about the 3rd time I have encountered rudeness from the staff here even when the toilet was not our principal reason for visiting.

Date visited: 27/09/2011

Review by Trevor on 23rd August, 2009

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Oh dear oh dear! A warm Summer's Saturday evening in an idylic location and this place is like the Marie Celeste. The clues were all there but our party of 7 gave them the benefit of of doubt anyhow. An unbelievable experience well worth the money if you want a good laugh. (1) The place is empty but two staff ignored us waiting at the bar for two minutes. (2) The same two staff then argue about who should serve us. Service with a scowl. Nice.(3) Our food order is taken by pen, a process possible only with several interventions and corrections from the customer. (4) No credit/debit card facilities so an embarrasing scrabble through the pockets of our party for enough cash. (5) First meal served after about 10 minutes (good start), a further 15 minutes before the second arrived and the rest at various lengthy intervals beyond that. (6) A side order forgotten. (7) A Medium Sirloin Steak looking suspiciously like a fatty rump, unevenly and rarely cooked too. (8) ... and to top it all, everyone has finished their meal, except for one who's steak meal has been completely overlooked and forgotten. In summary, the staff seem very young and utterly clueless about the hospitality and service industry. Probably okay if you're desparate for a pint but unless you're looking for that 'fawlty towers' experience I'd give this place a very wide birth indeed.

Date visited: 22 August 2009

Review by Nick on 15th February, 2009

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We went to the Hill Tavern on a late booking for Valentines night which I made early on that day! Spoke to the guy on the phone and said that yes there was a table for 2 and what time? I asked for 8.00pm but he said can you make 8.15pm. No problem and see you then. Strange I thought has everywhere else in the local area was fully booked!! Anyway got there me and my partner and the place was half empty! The lady waitress explained that the credit card machine wasnt working and would need to pay cash or cheque.Hmmmmm! Anyway had to dart back into Stourbridge and find a cash point and comeback! We arrived back and she seemed to of forgot about us!! She eventually remembered and placed us on a table. Right where do I start? The food was awful! My partners fishcakes was frozen still in the middle and my Curry was like gravey and had no spice or flavour! Revolting! Also the chicken breast wrapped in bacon with a cheese sauce was not a proper sauce and mad out of the packet! The desserts were no better the chocholate sponge was tastless and the cheesecake had been defrosted in the microwave leaving it in a melted state!! The service was also bad and waiting long intervals whilst in a half empty restuarant! The waitress was nice enough but didnt know her menu! I asked what sort of cheesecake it was and she just said its a kinda fruit based! What kind of fruit??? She then finds out its toffee pecan!!!! The only plus would be the wine was ok. One last thing the music was from a radio station like BRMB and kept going to adverts! Embarassing as it was Valentines night!! Also they serve babies with cow and gate meals! Whats that all about! Overall very poor and the worst restruant I have been to in while! This shouldnt be anywhere near clent! My advice is to avoid at all costs and try the Fountain or Four Stones nearby which is light years ahead in everything. Final word they need Chef Gordon Ramsay to get in there and give it good old shake up! Rating 2 out of 10 and thats been generous.

Date visited: 14.02.09

Review by John Anderson on 6th March, 2008

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Wow, we knew that the Hill Tavern had been refurbished so we thought we would take a look, We just managed to get a table last saturday (the place was packed) We were met by a very friendly manager who showed us to our table and took our drinks order (i had a Theakstons best bitter, very well kept!), the place looks amazing soft lighting and relaxing background music, there is no bar area to speak of as the place seems to be just for food customers?, the food was outstanding and we didn't have to wait long, i had the Rack of lamb with herb coated crust, fresh veg which were carots, broccli (cooked perfectly) and sauteed corgettes,with with stuffed new potatoes with cream cheese! and my wife had Thai green curry which again was perfect. No doubt that the food is home made and tasted really fresh! what an amazing Chef!. our whole bill came to less than £50.00. a total credit to Clent will definately be back!! Rumour has it that the sunday carvery is the best for miles!

Date visited: 12th Feb 2008

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